Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pretty and New Bedding

Still home this week and it is turning into the whole week off. I planned on taking 3 vacay days to mess around the house, but ended up with other things going on in addition to being sick with bronchitis. I have the remnants of it now, and the doc is calling me in some cough medicine (uh, I don't have a cough), but they think it will break loose the chesty chesty stuff.

So today was a conference call I needed to sit in on and also the dentist. Decided to stop at Tuesday Morning on the way to see if there was a bargain on a comforter set for the bed. We haven't been liking the other bedding I got when we moved in. So anyway, saw this, it was a bargain, it was the colors I've been after for the most part, maybe a little too floral, but not overly so. Magnolia blossoms. Plus we just planted those magnolias in the front yard. So scooped it up and came home to see if I could price it online to make sure about that ****bargain*****.

Tuesday Morning is a fun place to poke around once in a while -- I hardly ever buy anything in there though. Maybe a picture frame or something for a gift. But this makes the second time I've bought bedding at T.M. ... the last time we used the same set for at least eight years. So hopefully this one will be just as lasting.

Sorry for rambling! Sister Carole still improving, now she's looking around the house and making lists of things that need doing when she is better up and around. She's had her hair cut and we went for pedicures this week too. Now a few doctors appointments and finish up on that wound closing and she'll be a new woman. I'll be an old one!
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moi said...

Ruh roh, sorry to hear you got what I am calling the OKC Crud. S.B. came home with it from the job site two weeks ago and it's still rattling around inside of him. Feel better soon! And enjoy your new bedding!

Amalia said...

Wow!! It's so cool and beautiful bedding set... I like the print of this set...

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