Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sunday Morning and Daisy of Love

A beautiful Sunday morning … we slept in (well, I did, due to the bronchitis thing), John did a long bike ride and I tried to go around the block but soon realized my lungs weren’t ready yet. 

More flowers we didn’t know we would have are these daisies, which I thought were going to be mums.  They were beautiful this morning after being watered.  And much fresher than the girl in the TV show, Daisy of Love, eh?

So then the kitties weren’t getting enough attention, so had to follow them about for a few pics:

Here’s Lewis playing “How Not to be Seen”:

DSC_0016 DSC_0015

Then Sally spied the bird’s nest that has been built inside our entryway.  I know the babies have hatched because the little egg shells were dropped near all the unsightly bird poop on the porch!


You can tell that John has tried to put some cardboard out to catch the bird poop, to no avail. Here’s what she has spied way up high:


Anyone know what happens to these nests over time?  Amazing little architects, these birds are, and we didn’t want to disturb the nesting or the new family, but does that mean they are there forever or is it just a spring/summer kind of thing?


Sterling checked it all out but pretty much couldn’t be bothered:


Sunday that remains will be watching the car racing, napping, snoozing, resting, recuperating.  And then I might take a few days off next week for general principal.

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Brit Gal Sarah said...

Sounds just like our Sunday :-)