Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Car Show


Saturday was the 12th Annual Big Kahuna car show over in Mustang, America, complete with muscle cars and hot rods and a few newer classics.  Here’s John riding shotgun with work buddy Dave, in Dave’s Buick Wildcat.  I had never even heard of such a car.  Cool it is though!


We’ve made friends with this couple who come out every year.  The small world story is that they know Sister Carole through their kids’ high school football.



Here’s little Kate who has the bluest eyes I ever did see.  She belongs to another couple who work with John.


The band this year was “Slingblade”, who were voted the best garage band in their half-block area in Mustang, America.  They were actually VERY good and fun.  Would have been up dancing if it hadn’t have been a thousand degrees out there.


We took the MG out to the Big Kahuna.  I had to carry the ice chest on my lap!  Forgot to get a pic of our **classic** while we were out there.

Sunday brought some photos of my work friend Kathy’s daughter’s graduation party (from college) … will post some of those tomorrow!


Brit Gal Sarah said...

What a fun day you had.

Work Friend Kathy said...

I think it was the hottest day I've survived...! Could it have been the nerves, excitement and anxiety of being the mother of the groom?

Pam said...

Sarah: Yes, fun, but not as fun as work friend Kathy had .. see below ..

Kathy: Yes, I think it was TOTALLY being the mother of the groom! Wish we could have done both, and blame me, I didn't get us booked in time!