Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What is making the cats crazy ….

Is this:

birds3 birds1 birds2

This mama bird has built a nest inside our entryway – sheltered from the weather, way up high.  I don’t know how they do it, nests always amaze me – architecture, nature and ingenuity all rolled up into one.  I think these must be barn swallows?  Anyway, the babies have now hatched so we see little faces poking over the edge of the nest with their mouths hanging open. 

However, three little kitties also can spy these birds through the side-lights to the front door and also the over-the-door glass thingie.



So….. they are agitated about 24/7 now with the natural instinct to go stalk birdies.  Ack!  So indulge me a few kitty pics which came about while I was trying to catch the birdies … but with a camera instead of claws.


Sterling (aka Cat #2) is the playful guy who thinks it is too hot, or too windy, or too cold, or too wet, or too scary to go outside much.


Lewis (aka Cat #1, although he is really Cat #2, but he is the alpha cat and rules the roost) will run out the door any time it is open.  Has stayed out catting around only one time.  Generally comes when called, or at least he lets you pick him up and cart him back into the house.


Which brings us to Cat #3 (who is really Cat #1, but she is so stand-offish that new Cat #1 and Cat #2 have completely overshadowed her in the personality front) … anyway, Sallycat is a “dirty stop out” as John calls her – she never comes when called, she loves it outside, and doesn’t come home until the bars close – anywhere from 2am to 4am …  bad kitty!  On the other hand, she has become much friendlier to me and actually cuddles in the mornings now.  With me even!  I guess freedom is making her more pleasant!?


TROLL Y2K said...

Critters can change personalities a bit, methinks. "Glass thingie over the door" has a NAME.

But I don't know what it is.

pamokc said...

Troll: Window?

Boxer said...

We have swallows, but the babies don't hatch until late into July. They manage to get their nest onto our porch EVERY YEAR, which means we are managing bird poop for most of the best time of the year OUTSIDE. *sigh* After they hatch, Momma Swallow spends the rest of the summer dive-bombing us we attempt to sit outside.

I wish our cat could have some entertainment.

We aren't. :-)

Boxer said...

to Troll: Transom?