Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A college grad … off to the Peace Corp.

Because of the Big Kahuna car show on Saturday, was unable to attend Work Friend Kathy’s son’s wedding.  But on Sunday, WAS able to attend her daughter’s graduation party.  Graduation from college that is.  Seems like yesterday, Kathy was bemoaning the fact that her daughter was heading off to school and her house would be empty … But Meghan whizzed through school and is off to the Peace Corps this fall, so good for her!!!


Here’s Kathy (left) with her two sisters.  I’m telling you, I’ve never seen a group of sisters look more alike. 

Meghan 06-81


And Kathy has her own wedding coming up to this guy … Troy.  He’s a-dor-able.

Meghan 06-109

So, I went to take photos of the party and didn’t end up with just a ton of them with Meghan in them …. but here’s one with mom and the aunties.  What a great time in her life … college grad, off to the Peace Corp … getting ready to take the world by storm!!!

Meghan 06-83

So what I learned in taking the photos this day:  Watch those background lights growing out of people’s heads, figure out how to get more natural pics without having people **pose**.


LATC said...

Yay Congrats Kathy!!! My mom and I worked with Kathy at the Market by Quail Springs Mall years ago. Love love love her! Tell her congrats and hi!!

Work Kathy said...

A HUGE thank-you to Pam for the wonderful photos she took of my girlie on her recognition day. Her whole family was there (except the honeymooning brother and new sister-in-law)to wish her well and give her our love. Pam, I love the pictures!