Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cute Pirate Cookies

Just to move Mute Monday further down the page due to bad memories .... here's a look at some adorable Pirate cookies from Connor's birthday party this past weekend! Yummmmmmy too. They were from Johnnie's on the southside and the same place that did Kymmie's wedding cake. Can't go wrong with Johnnie's at'tall. I might need to stop by tomorrow and see what's in the bakery case ;)
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Boxer said...

nothing like sugar and some great decorating to make things better.

Anonymous said...

Some time has passed since my last pirate cookie was consumed and I am starting to have cravings for them again. :( I will have to impatiently wait another year or maybe I can think of another special occasion. AH HA!!! I have one Kymmie's dreaded 30th!!! WOOHOO!!!!