Friday, July 10, 2009

Full Moon and the Battle for Total Kitty Domination

It must be the full moon this week.  Because the Battle has been “ON”.  All three are neutered/spayed cats.  HOWEVER, those boys are still boys and are bound and determined to get the best of Sally.  Here I am, happily at home messing around this week, with things just moseying along, normal and quiet, and then ……… hiss, spit, hiss, SPIT, MOWWWW, WHAP WHAP WHAP, whine, hiss hiss and then a herd of Thunder Paws run through the house at full warp speed.

So, I’ve figured out what it is those boys have been doing.  They are tag teaming her. 

It is Sterling’s job to chase Sally through the house until such time as she is cornered – under the table, or literally in a corner, breathless and unable to escape.

At that point, before she has time to take a breath and get ready for a re-hiss, here comes Lewis, who relieves Sterling from his chase duties.  Lewis strong-arms his way in and with one heavy paw tries to make a swipe at a cowering kitty.  That boy can be a thug.  He is Daniel Day Lewis in Gangs of New York.  He has intent with his boxing.

It is all very unpleasant for Sally, who, as we all know, just minds her own business and wants to be left alone. 

So part of my vacay week at home has been breaking up cat fights.  Literally.

So who is the winner so far in TOTAL KITTY DOMINATION?  I say Sally … because she has yet to be tackled by those two rascal boys, but does have a few little scars on her nose for their effort.  Plus she has recognized that I’ve been defending her honor and has been awfully sweet to me and even let me pick her up. 


Other than that:  Progress made in organizing my office room.  Re-locating the cat boxes for more convenience into the office closet (a decision I may live to regret).  Stepped up the bike riding although we took the night off last night (hot/wind) and went to the local pub instead for some fried chicken.

Other than that #2:  Working on a logo.  Have a marketing idea for photo-taking.  This is much harder than expected!!!  But want materials to look professional, even though self-created.


chickory said...

im pulling for Sterling! 3 males. dear God you might as well have 3 roosters!

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Poor Sally, glad you're in her corner!

pamokc said...

Chickie: It is 2 males and one female. And they are true men, no doubt!

Sarah: I feel bad for her, she had about one week as top cat after MG got lost ... she really should be only cat. She would love that.

kmwthay said...

Poor lil Sallybear. But am glad she is rewarding you for your saving efforts.

moi said...

It's been so long since I've had kitties, I've forgotten just how complicated their little social lives can be. Go Sally!