Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This is My Town

Found myself at the top of the tallest building in OKC at noon today, so of course had to take some pics! It is the tallest building (for now) ... and also the building I was in when the bomb went off that fateful April 19, 1995. But nevermind that, here's a quick tour of My Town:

The Skirvin Hotel. This sadly sat vacant for many, many years, until the Hiltons breezed in and remodeled. It is once again a shining star in downtown OKC. The architecture is by Solomon Layton who designed many buildings in OKC early in its history.

Nearby is a revitalized area called "Deep Deuce". This area again was derelict (derelect?) for a long, long time. But how CUTE are these condos that are going in? If I was a single gal about town and if there were somewhere to shop for groceries around here, I'd be tempted ... Deep Deuce area was known for its jazz back in the 20's and was the home to electric guitar pioneer Charlie Christian. Not that I've ever heard any of his music.

I have no idea what this building is called now. It used to be the Kerr-McGee Building. This is the one mentioned in "Silkwood" (that old movie starring Meryl Streep and Cher). .... I worked there for a short time many MANY years ago. Pre-babygirl. This is the building, however, that shielded where I was from damage in the bombing. It absorbed the impact, so the building I was in lost no windows, had no damage, etc. The K-M building, however, lost all its windows. See that smaller white building just caddy-corner from the K-M building? That is the apartment building where the video tape of Tim McVeigh was taken ... it showed the Ryder truck on the street. So the bombing took place in an area you can't see due to this Kerr-McGee Building. That apartment complex was also heavily, heavily damaged and I am surprised they didn't have to tear it down.

Zooming in here on "Kerr Park". This is a little mini-ampitheater and oasis of water fountains in downtown OKC. When I worked downtown for many years, there would be lunchtime concerts at the ampitheater and I brown-bagged plenty of times. Now, I'd be thinking it is way too hot to sit outside and eat lunch. The joys of getting older, eh?

Looking back to the east a bit, now we zoom in to the State Capitol building and government office complex buildings -- Tax Commission, Education Department, Historical Society, Wildlife, etc. I can look out one of these windows during the day but I'm not telling which.

This is My Town (now singing the Montgomery Gentry song)...

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Brit Gal Sarah said...

Very nice tour thank you, loved the views.

TROLL Y2K said...

Outstanding photos. You should submit them somewhere like OKC MAGAZINE, if there is such a thing.

moi said...

I'm going to meet S.B. there one day and be a proper tourist, I swear. Only not in the middle of July, 2009, with 106 degree heat and 99.9999 percent humidity.

Limey said...

It is so great to see the city from above like this! I miss and love this city! Thanks for sharing.

Boxer said...

I think we all should do this "This is My Town" day or something because I enjoyed the pictures and your commentary. I only know your city from the coverage after the bombing and it's nice to see more than just what the news brought.

I love those row houses.

kmwthay said...

I love this, mom. Fun way to post about OKC.

pam said...

Sarah, probably wasn't as high up as you were in Chi-town though!

Trolly: There is such a magazine and I only wish they would use my photos!

Moi: You come on over sometime and there could be much happy water (aka adult beverages) involved.

Limey: Same with you girl, happy water next time you come to town??

Boxer: That is a great idea. In addition to Mute Monday, My Town Tuesday or something like that?

Kymmiegirl: xoxoxo

Stefunkc said...

First time reader...and hi! I live in this same special town! Well, a suburb. GREAT pictures!