Saturday, August 22, 2009

An Eventful Lunch date

Today was my choice of restaurants for the monthly-lunch-gals that used to work together. Diane was a weenie and backed out (again). I chose Cattlemen’s Steak House down in Packin’ Town (aka Stockyards City) because everyone loves that place but rarely actually go there. And the steaks are fabulous. It will be featured on “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” this fall.

Weather is gorgeous, everyone arrives, orders their little lunch steaks. I’m in heaven! Ummmm. Yummy. Susan, the marathon runner and long distance bike rider, states how she just never has red meat any more, except for the occasional hamburger, cuts into her delish little perfectly cooked number on the plate, and takes a bite.

It got stuck in her windpipe. Seriously stuck. She could barely breathe. The waitress was right there, had her stand up and there it was….. the Heimlich. Right in the middle of Cattlemen’s at lunchtime on a Saturday in front of God and everybody. Beverly just held up her napkin for Susan to spit the piece of meat into, she sat back down and all was right with the world! And then we got the giggles.
c-4So, Ginger, the most wonderful EVER waitress at Cattlemen’s, we salute you!!! Thanks for saving Susan’s life! Ginger had never done the Heimlich before, but had been trained in it several years ago! And she was standing right at the table when all this transpired. Angels do exist and here’s one named Ginger.
Cattlemen’s has looked the same all my life. LITERALLY all my life. I used to sleep in the booth underneath this lighted mural back in the early 1960’s when mom and dad had their late night bowling banquet meetings here. Cattlemen’s is an OKC classic place, and the story goes that a gambler won it in a poker hand back in the 1920’s.
How cool are these door handles?
Across the street is the new “Stockyards Mercantile” store – which is more like an antique mall or craft mall – little booths are available with various merchandise. Would love to see this store do well.
Cheers to my wonderful friends Susan and Beverly … and Susan, I’m glad you didn’t die!!!


kmwthay said...

oh my word! I'm super glad Susan is ok. Sounds like you had an eventful Saturday afternoon!! High 5 to Ginger!

icando26.2 said...

I'm going with 'urban legend' . . . ;)

Brit Gal Sarah said...

OMG LOL, you weren't kidding about the DRAMA! So glad Susan is okay, that little manouveure should be compulsory training for all!

Boxer said...

Good Lordy, I hope she got a great tip.

Elaine Warner said...

I was on an Oklahoma press trip a few years ago and the pr firm took us to Cattleman's. I was disappointed when I found out, thinking of all the new, interesting places to eat. Turns out I was wrong. Everybody LOVED it and thought it was a great intro to our part of the country. And I enjoyed it, too. Of course the steak was 'way ample, so I called my husband (who had just dropped me off at the Skirvin two hours before) and asked him if he'd like to drive back downtown and pick up my doggie box. Several of my dining partners thought that was a great idea and contributed their left-overs. Jack and the dog ate well the rest of the week!

samantha said...

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