Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rascal Cats starring in Bag Wars


LEWIS:  A new shopping bag!  I must get in.



STERLING:  I’m bored.  I think I will lay in my bowl.



STERLING:  Wait a minute, what is Lewis up to?



STERLING:  A new bag!  I must get inside.



LEWIS:  Oh no you don’t.  It is mine. Out with you!



STERLING:  Aha, he is distracted by an empty baggie on the table!  Must take advantage of the opportunity!


STERLING:  This is more like it.



LEWIS:  Curses!  I told you it was MY bag!  Out!



LEWIS:  Success!  The bag is mine. All mine I say!  Grrrhahahhaha.



STERLING:  Rats.  What’s a kitty to do?



MEANWHILE, on the sofa, Sally surveys the debate until she notices the camera, at which time she …



… feigns sleep in order to avoid attention.  Don’t worry Sally, we’re not touching you.  Here, I’ll put the bag on the chair to get it out of the way and stop all that rustling noise!



STERLING:  Wow!  How’d it get up here?  This is way cool!



STERLING:  I think I’ll get inside again!



LEWIS:  What’s this?  I must investigate!



STERLING:  Rats!  Foiled again!  Can’t a kitty get some rest around here? 



LEWIS:  Out!  Out I say!  I’m the king of the bag!



STERLING:  Oh, okay.  I was just keeping it warm for you!  Sigh.



LEWIS:  Can you hurry it up please?



STERLING:  Okay buddy, it is all yours.  *sigh*



LEWIS:  Harumph.  Who does he think he is? 



LEWIS:  Total kitty domination is perfected!



STERLING:  Hmmmm. He has to leave sometime, I might as well wait it out.



(Please notice black tail exiting scene)

STERLING:  Aha!  I’ll fix it for him …



STERLING:  I’ll just sit ON the dang bag and then no one can get inside.



Meanwhile, Sally raises her head in slight interest in the proceedings, however, by now it is ….



Nap time for Sterling.



And Lewis is thinking about a nap too.



kmwthay said...

do you have any idea how happy this makes me?? I love the piccie of Stewie on the floor with his arms straight out. And I love the pics of them in the bag when it's in the chair. YAY for Rascal Cats!

elaine said...

What a hoot! You have your own householdful of lolcats!