Thursday, August 20, 2009

WOOHOO! Project Runway Premiere

It was Project Runway night and I watched it all. 3 hours non-stop. What am I like? Watched the all-stars and I think Korto was robbed (again). Not that I don't love Daniel V, but seriously, that dress the judges raved on was OOOOgly. My opinion only.

The premiere of the main show was delish. But more delish was the after-show, Models of the Runway. O.M.G. Am I going to love this extra addition!

The designer who went home was space cadet Ari who designed a "disco soccerball" for a red carpet look. What. Was. She. Thinking?

Yay for a new season! And a blog post just for sister-friend Renea, who is a faithful reader but not a commenter!
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chickory said...

i missed the actual show because of thunderstorms...the satellites were blocked and i was robbed. i hated daniels collection. hated. it.

i liked sweet p's restaurant dress. not for me to wear, but just to look at like art! i liked uli's too. korto was robbed. i hated santinos work. he is vulgar. like DVF said.

pam said...

Chickie, you make me glad we waited it out for u-verse and didn't go the satellite route. Too many thunderstorms in this part of the world, we'd never get to watch tv! Glad you agree about Daniel. Who would wear it? Everyone would wear Korto's or Sweet P's work, but I guess it is all about haute couture and not what real women would want!

samantha said...

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