Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall Arrives

A few photos to make me happy ... our TV is down so am playing on the internet. Am surprised it isn't down as well! Anyway, here are a few random thoughts...

Am glad for this cool weather! I'm a sweater weather kind of gal!

I'm worried for my friend KJ's husband, who just can't stay well, and I'm worried for her too.

I'm jazzed that Jamie gets to be a grandma soon!

Seems like my day has been waiting on responses, still have a few work-related ones that haven't come through yet.

Went to my second Zumba class tonight. Decided that zoom-zoom and Zumba sound very similar. I think I will stick with these classes for a while, can't hurt and might just help. And I'm mid age range in the class, which is good!

Speaking of zoom-zoom, am still loving the little Mazda hatchie. Fun to drive for sure.

Sister Carole going to go through some tests soon to see about more surgery. Not happy for her, but hopefully will definitely put her on the path to recovery.

I need a photo subject to take with me to this field of sunflowers nearby ... can't wait to get out there and snap.

Ready for the rain to go away; cool weather can stay.

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