Wednesday, September 09, 2009

London Bridge has fallen down and moved to Arizona …

A favorite line from an old favorite song called “London Homesick Blues” which is on the Outlaws album, I do believe, back in the ‘70s … the one with Waylon and Willie and a couple of obscure artists …. (Note to self: Discuss that song at greater length in the future)


 DSC_0046 DSC_0049

And what is a self-respecting Brit meant to do when so close to an icon?  He drives 3 hours to Lake Havasu City and gets his pic made at London Bridge!  It really is amazing, and so well done.  We’d spent ages in the car wondering why … WHY? … WHY!!!???  …. were we doing this to ourselves. 

And then we got to Lake Havasu.  Wow!  It is really the Colorado River.  A beautiful ribbon of blue in the desert.


The owner of McCullough Oil bought the bridge from the City of London back in the 60s?  70s?  And spent even more money having it shipped to the U.S. and re-assembled.  Evidently there was NOTHING in the area at the time.  Not even a Lake Havasu City.  He founded it all.  Talk about vision.


The ol’ bridge looks great and we enjoyed our quick visit!  Here’s a few more sights for you … like this scenic view below.


And where we bought gas:


And where we will try to stay if we ever make it back to the area.



kmwthay said...

palm trees in the desert with a mountianous back ground. It sounds like my kind of place!

Milk River Madman said...

Great pics pamokc! The Colorado is a great river. I'll be golfing in Phoenix with The Prodigy in November and watching some NASCAR. Yahoo!

me and my blog said...

Kymmie -- hmm, i hadn't thought of you as a desert girl, but I bet you are right!

MRM -- we tried to figure out where the NASCAR track is -- we never found it and it is surprisingly not on the local map from the hotel!

Brit Gal Sarah said...

What an interesting post Pam, I have heard all about this but never seen it in situ. As you say, it looks great there!