Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rain, Rain and More Rain

This morning was rainy.  Like it has been all week.  I swear, everyone here is turning into ducks.  We’re all about an inch short of breaking out the razor blades. 

myrtle in the rain1

But this evening … cloudy, overcast, wonderfully cool, lovely lovely perfect fall weather.  Me and the cats went out to play.


The sunflowers have been gorgeous this year.  I don’t think they are quite to full height yet, and might not get there with the lack of sun and all this rain.  But more importantly, found a cool grungy Photoshop filter that I am now in love with!

kathydid1  katydid3

Found the biggest Kathydid I ever did see.  So played with some close-ups of this fella and saved him from being eaten by from Cat #1.


The mums are out and looking very fall-ish.


Lewis observes his kingdom from the west wall.


He’s looking almost ready for Halloween.


Sally actually makes eye contact with the camera.  Will wonders never cease?  Just don’t try to touch her.  Mowwwwww.  She doesn’t like it.


Plus she has places to go and things to do.


And Sterling is just bored with it all.  Mowwww!

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TROLL Y2K said...

Great pictures. My dog definately understood and looked forward to Halloween.