Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Rascal Cats as Long-Range Planners

If any of my readers recall (and I'm still amazed I have any readers besides one family member) ... anyway you will recall that the rascal boys, Lewis & Sterling (aka Loulou and Stewie) have been harassing poor Sallycat all summer. Many cat fights in the house in the middle of the night as she tries to maintain her honor. These boys are neutered by the way. The vet says testicles are gone, just the you-know-what was left in place. And that they will calm down as they get older.

So having said all that, we've been putting Sally in the garage at night because (1) we trust her not to jump on the cars; (2) she wants to be left alone anyway; (3) she's killed a mouse and numerous crickets in that garage. She knows when I open the door to the garage that it is time to go to bed, so to speak. That open door is for her.

The boys used to figure out that she was in the garage some minutes later. Then would sit by the door in hopes that she would come back in and they could chase her at lightning speed through the house, have a hissy fight and wake everyone up. No such luck! Sally's in the garage, all quiet and wonderful, we get real sleep. Life is good for the humans of the house. Boring for the rascal boys. Solitude for Sally. Bliss!

Until last night. I don't know how long they have been planning this tactic, but those boys were nowhere to be seen when I went to the back door to open it for Sally, who knows to come straight over. Last night, though, Sterling dashed out to the garage from out of the blue before Sally could get a paw on the concrete. Caught me so off guard that I swung the door open a bit further, and then there went Lewis to the garage as well. And they weren't coming back in.

It is like they've been discussing for the past several days --

Sterling:  (earnestly, with best NY side-kick voice)  Lewis! I have a plan!

Lewis:  (Bored, licking a paw)  Let's hear it, go on then!

Sterling: That girl cat gets to go to the garage at night, see?
I bet if we can get in the garage, we could get her cornered and have our way with her!

Lewis (perking up ears in interest)  Good thinking brother!

Sterling:  But you're the brains, I'm the muscle.  How do we do it?

Lewis:  (pointing to a newly drawn diagram on the chalkboard)  Here's what you do ... as soon as we hear that door open, you go through like a bullet, and don't come back in for anything, got it?

Sterling:  Sure thing Lewis!  But what about you?

Lewis:  I'll come out while you've got that human lady distracted and lay low underneath one of those cars.

Sterling:  Sure thing Lewis!  It's a deal!

Not happy were two rascal cats who were chased back inside by the two humans of the house.  We obviously spoiled their plot.  But it took about 10 minutes of cat herding to do it.  Tonight, Sally and I were much more sneaky and waited until the rascal boys were upstairs with dad and helping him play on the computer.  Oh yes, we were quiet, me and Sallycat.  And she's in the garage all on her own and all is right with her world.
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kmwthay said...

this is my favorite story ever. I love your kitties. Those boys are something else, and clearly don't realize that Sally is a princess and should be worshiped, not harrassed.


Karen M said...

Love it!

Milk River Madman said...

That is good stuff. Sneaky boy cats. They can't be trusted I tell ya!!

TROLL Y2K said...

Sally of the Serenghetti can handle those lads one-on-one. But not if they've discovered teamwork.

carmar76 said...

hahaha! great story! glad sally got back in the garage safely so she and you can get some sleep! : )