Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ghosts of Halloween Past


It took much digging but finally located this pic!  Above is the award-winning poster by one Miss Kym, age 7, which was on display at a local library in whatever year that was.  So with all apologies to Ms. Chickory, it wasn’t a black cat in a pumpkin, but a ghost in a pumpkin, but Chickie-chick, you can see why it reminded me of your wonderful artwork!

But of course, digging in old photo albums also led to these classics:


The Kymster.  Probably age 3 or 4?  With first original cat Bandit.  Photo taken in the world’s smallest house that was my first home as single mom.  Please forgive the paneling.  I was lucky to have this place!  Bandit, now that was a cat.  He liked to sit on top of the neighbor’s car.  One day, they were trying to shoo him away so they could actually get in their car and go somewhere.  On the way down from the top of the car, Bandit bit their little boy on top of his head.  Did I have proof of rabies shots?  Why, heck no!  Who could afford vets back in those days?   Bandit ended up in kitty jail over at the Animal Shelter and I had to have a garage sale to raise the funds for his bail and shots.  Good times.  Good times!


Here’s a fave!  Fast forward a couple of years and now we have Miss Kymmie as Mickey Mouse, friend Tiffie as gypsy, nephew Erik as E.T. (Sister Carole labored for hours and I do mean HOURS on that costume), and nephew Ryan as Dracula.  **sigh**   Ryan is the one who died in a car accident a few years ago now.  :(  Sad face. 

 halloween4kym Fast forward another couple of years and we have a punk rocker.  I think that is what this get-up is/was!  Notice the mis-matched shoes (and how dirty they are!)  Very Madonna, don’t you think?  And might I call your attention to that horrendous silk flower on the fireplace?  O.M.G.  What is that and where did it come from?  I shudder to think!  By now, we were single-momming it in a respectable patio home.  Still small, but brand new, and were we proud of it!  My plan was to live there forever because I was never getting married again.  Also notice the highly decorative blue spray-painted wicker basket.  My Friend Jamie and I were mad keen on spray painting baskets.  Cheap decorations, they were.  We were all about the cheap, for sure!  The scary thing is, that house would be about 4 years away from being paid for now.  Ack! 

Might be some more Ghost of Halloween Past pics to come!


Doom said...

How wonderful of a treat, and we didn't even have to trick her. Ah, but they bring back such memories of times and places. It is nice to know we aren't alone. Oh, and never mind the paneling. Whether it was a single mom thing, the necessities of life, or a thing of the times, these are familiar too. It was always, and still is, about life, love, and dealing. Thanks.

Boxer said...

did you ever think there would be blogs to use as ways to show off those pictures of the past? I love these. Do you think Kym will be happy there is? bwahahahahah. She was sooooo cute!

kmwthay said...

oh. my. word. This is hilarious! I'd pretty much forgotten all about that poster. I still think it looks pretty cool.

And those past halloween costumes? I do believe you made me that super cutie pumpkin one, no?

And that punk rocker one? That is laugh out loud funny. The real question is, why in the world am I holding cash money in my hand?? TOO FUNNY! That cash makes me look like an 8 year old hooker! Bawhawhahahahah!

I love this post.


chickory said...

i like hers much more than my own. yay kymmie!! and its big! impressive. i love the halloween costumes too. did any of you happen to see miley cyrus' baby sisters get up? seriously. look it up you'll die. prosti-tot.

PR tonight!! woo hoo!

the big dog is threatening to cut the cable to save $. i guess i will have to resort to hulu soon. grherhahaha

TROLL Y2K said...

Embarrasing photos of the Kymster should be a regular feature here.


moi said...

Priceless photos! Kym, you're a terrific sport about it, too. One thing I miss about living in the city was passing out candy to the children who came by and giving extra special treats to the best costumes. I know so many people who turn off the lights or go hide in the basement or upstairs, but not me. I really enjoyed it.

Pam said...

Doom: For someone with such a fierce name, you sure left a sweet sentiment.

Boxie: I never ever EVER dreamed I'd be posting old family pics on the internet. And I can remember a time when I was skeptical of the internet. Why would I need THAT?

Kymmie: Grumpy bear is missing. I must search further.

Chickie: Glad you like the poster. I like your green eyed black cat myself!

Trolly: A regular feature can be arranged. In fact, a probably must.

Moi, you are right about handing out candy. That is the best treat of all. One year I took pics of all the kids that came to the door. In fact, I think I will go find those for a future post.