Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy birthday to …. ME!

It was my birthday today.  And a grand day it was.  Well, celebrations started on Sunday with a champagne brunch after the birthday blessing.  Pressies of Beatles CD’s (Abbey Road and the White Album) … and a Beatles Abbey Road poster.  Do I have the best hubby or what?   He had to take a trip out of town today, so ….

The party continued tonight when I met up with best old friends KJ and Jamie and my babygirl down at the Poblomo Grill.  Food was crap, friends were the BEST.  Laughter is the best medicine there is.

KJ’s husband is still in a very bad way, probably worse than ever.  If he had been out of the hospital, she wouldn’t have been able to make it to dinner.  He is going to need constant care.  She has recently lost her mom also, so this is a very tough time for her. 

Jamie is single again and ready for dating, enjoying her new house but business is still struggling a bit.  However, that brand new grandbaby takes the edge off everything for her!  See the pretty pic two posts below of Ashli’s baby.

The Kymster, bless her ears, heard stories that maybe didn’t need tellin’.  And that’s all I’m sayin’ in this post!

Received lots of Facebook greetings, cards from far away, flowers from my English in-laws, and my yearly letter from Beverly in Texas.  I wrote about her last year.  Would post the link but I’m too lazy tonight.  Maybe tomorrow I will link that back in.

Anyway, BIG NOTE TO THE K&C SURVIVOR GALS:  Beverly says she might be in town soon so be warned of a possible emergency meeting of the lunch group!!!!!

So … I’m age 52 today.  I was born during an OU-Colorado football game one October Saturday in 1957.  This was during the “streak”.  Meaning, the longest winning streak in college football (to this day?  Will have to look that up) … but the doctor made it by halftime to the game.  A couple of weeks later, OU had a loss – to Notre Dame.  The streak started with ND and ended with ND.  And that is why Sooners hate Notre Dame.

   ***UPDATE***  it is/was still the longest winning streak in college football. 

The longest college football winning streak also lasted over the span of a couple of years (granted they play a lot less games). In the 50's the Oklahoma Sooners were the team to beat in college football. During the 50's Oklahoma was named the National Championship in some form five times. Their longest winning streak stretched over 47 games from October 10th, 1953 until November 16, 1957. Oddly enough, like UCLA, the Sooners' winning streak was also broken by the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. No wonder everybody hates those guys.

Meanwhile, age 52 … wow.  How did that happen?  I’m only 26 in my head!  I’ve been given ten more years on this planet than was given my brother.  I better keep working on getting in shape mentally and physically.  This getting older isn’t for the feint of heart, let me tell you!  But I truly believe that age is a state of mind.

And here I am, age 52.  What have I learned? 

All you need is love.  Love is all you need.


Limey said...

A very happy birthday to you!

Milk River Madman said...

Happy birthday Pam!! 52 is just getting started. Lots of life out there for the taking still.

kmwthay said...

:) xo Mom. 52 looks good on you.

Glad you enjoyed your day!

carmar76 said...

happy hapyp day!!! : )

ree said...

Happy Birthday Pam! May you have many more and may all be filled with great love and joy.

Boxer said...

I missed the chance to wish you a happy day. 52 is the new 42!

Happy Happy (belated) Birthday to you.

Aunty Belle said...

on mah goodness, Lady!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Enjoyed hearin' all about yore celebrations--an' does I love an "emergency lunch"???

52 years young ain't a bad spot to be is it now? Wisdom an' experience beats our youth an' impetuousness eve'r time, doan it?

I reckon blogin' keeps the mind exercised--that is iffin' ya blog wif' smart folks!!!

Happy happy Birthday Sooner Girl!

TROLL Y2K said...

Happy belated birthday. Notre Dame beat the Gators once. "The Bus" plowed his way to about 200 yards as I recall.

moi said...

Oh, no, sorry I'm always late to the party! Happy belated birthday! Birthdays are the BEST!

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Happy birthday!
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