Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Pioneer Woman Book Signing

Thought I'd run over Thursday night and pick up a cook book and have it signed by Pioneer Woman, and get an extra copy for the Kymster. For Christmas. Well, I was wrong. By the time I got there at 6:30, the line at 50 Penn Place, that upscale shopping mall across from Penn Square ....well, let's just say that the mall hasn't seen a crowd like that in quite some time. The line stretched the entire length of the mall and was doubling back around. I gave up and went across to the real mall for a bit, made a purchase, and thought I'd stop back by once the crowd thinned out. An hour later, no, it hadn't thinned out but maybe the line had lengthened.

I was craning my neck peeking through the book store window (Full Circle Books) looking for Connell, the Senator's Wife, thinking I would just say hi and bye and talk her into having a couple of books set aside for me. She is the long-time friend of Pioneer Woman and was helping her tonight.

As I was looking for her, she came walking up sort of behind me, and had the Pioneer Girls in tow. I think they had been out checking the length of the line of women (and a smattering of men) waiting to see Ree. Anyway, I passed on some news to Connell and she had the kids pose for a piccy just for me! Thanks Mrs. Wife! The Pioneer Girls were signing books for the people in line too! And I did get to tell daughter #1 that if her mom ever does a photography seminar at the ranch, invite me! (I'm on a mission!)

About that time, Linzy saw me. She had arrived at 5PM and by 7:30 was just barely in the door of the bookstore. Linzy is a sweet girl who works with Kymmie. I passed her a few dollars and told her I wasn't going to wait in line, would she pick up a book for me? So hopefully she did! Merry Christmas, Kymmie!

So. Here's my hope. That the Pioneer Woman family doesn't turn into Jon & Kate Plus Eight. Because really, I think this woman and her blog and her life are set to explode on the rest of America .... they really could be the Next Big Thing.

I know some folks aren't crazy about Pioneer Woman and I know some folks who are obsessed about her. But I heard from The Senator that he actually timed this the last time he was there. Once you get to the town and turn off the highway to head to their ranch, it is literally 15 minutes up a dirt road before you get to their house. Meaning, a trip to the mailbox for that family is a 30 minute trip. It's the real deal.

Maybe that family isn't hurting for money. But they work hard and literally live in the middle of nowhere.  Those recipes are created with foods you can find in any small town grocery store.  Only a matter of time until TLC shows up and makes a reality show of them. Really, it wouldn't surprise me if that happened.

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moi said...

A good friend of mine knows Pioneer Woman and her family well. Friend turned me on to her blob a couple years ago, when she was just starting out. I was hooked. What she has accomplished – in between the spare minutes left after home schooling a gazillion kids, cooking, cleaning, and helping out with the ranching duties – is phenomenal. I feel like such a slug in comparison! Great combo of happy accident, vision, stick-to-it-ness, and that extra special something that resonates with a huge amount of people.

Pam said...

Moi, I agree! A friend of mine turned me onto her site because she knew I liked taking photos and was learning Photoshop and might like that section. Well, that is just one aspect of her site! It is like a side-note compared to the rest of the site. Yes, she definitely has something that resonates with people. The amount of people at the bookstore last night attests!

Milk River Madman said...

I read her blog not often enough. She did help me build my flower box. Growing up on a ranch I relate to a lot of what she says. Great for her. I think that would be a nice gift for anyone.

carmar76 said...

Maybe TLC came knocking & they had the good sense to say no thank you? : ) I really wish Jon or Kate had said no thank you. Much as I loved them, now I just can't help but worry about Jon & the kids. So hopefully Pioneer Woman knows we love her & her family already & don't need to see them on TV...