Saturday, October 10, 2009

Reminiscing – 1972!!???

So I was contacted this week via from an old school friend – one of those guys who was a pal all through grade school, junior high and high school.  Hadn’t visited since school, I don’t think.  So a couple of e-mails later and we’re caught up on 30 years of time.  Yikes. 

This guy claims he is still a big Beatles fan.  And yes, I recalled that once he mentioned it, because I was a big Beatles fan too.  And then it dawns on me!  This is the guy who wrote the strangest entry of all time in my yearbook.  Re-worked Beatles lyrics or something.  So I dug out the yearbooks, blew off the dust, opened up the squeaky binders, and found these jewels below.   Enjoy a blast to the past circa 1972.  I was in the 9th grade.  Fixin’ to move up from junior high to high school. 

This was actually a momentous year.  We were the last class to be freshmen at the junior highs.  The next school year would bring the implementation of “The Finger Plan” (no joking on the name) … which was the beginning of school desegregation in Oklahoma City.  All the school lines were re-drawn.  Kids were bussed across town to go to new schools.  Think about the movie  “Remember the Titans” and you will have an idea what was going to be happening the next year. 

I remember the Titans.  I was one!


Most of the kids thought I was sweet.



At least one guy named Frank thought I was cool.  (I love how he wants to stop the war by electing George Wallace.  Grrhahahaha!)  Now this is a guy that I wonder whatever happened to ….

coolOne guy did that age-old trick (but it was the first time I had seen it) … Where they write in the very part of the yearbook where the pages join together and then says “I bet I’m the first to write in your crack!”.   I actually had a crush on THAT guy.  He was adorable.  But guess what, all the years later I am unable to scan that entry because *HE WROTE IN MY CRACK*!!!!  LOL

Then there was my Beatles-fan pal who wrote this week to say hi.  He wrote this:

die bunny1    

In today’s world this would probably land you in counseling, juvenile custody, or who knows what else.  In 1972, it was just deep and profound.  I guess it had an effect on me because I conjured it up out of  my memory bank and will be forwarding it to Mr. Beatles Fan next week.  GRRRHAHAHHAHAHA.

pep club

But look!  I WAS sweet AND cool!  Top of the ladder cool!   It was all a charade though.  The girls in the cool crowd were really the ones on the rung below me in this pic.  Several rungs above me in the school hierarchy!  Trust me on this.  However, I think it is a crying shame that we girls look our best before we are able to drive. 

Now.  Let’s discuss these hideous “pep club” uniforms.  This little number still hangs in my closet.  Can’t bring myself to get rid of it.  Probably the last time I was ever a size 7.  Those collars were interchange-able.  This one above was the sailor collar.  Below is the Pilgrim collar. 

pep2 Our names were embroidered on them, like we didn’t know our own names or sumthin’.  It was my job to call all the girls and let them know what collar we were wearing to what event.  Important stuff!!!   But hmmm, looking back, this was probably very good training in organizing. Now let me emphasize this is not cheerleader stuff.  No, I was an OFFICER.  I got to give demerits for being out of uniform or not sitting with your proper section and things like that!   Never in a million years would I have been popular enough to be a cheerleader. 

Love, from Sweet and Cool in ‘72.


Mommas Soapbox said...

Oh my gosh, the fun high school days.... I loved this post! Makes me want to go dig out some photos....

If i could only wear the pants I wore back then...... darnit!

moi said...

OMG, I love this! I just dragged out my own year books. How many ways can a person say sweet and cool? Stay sweet? Stay cool? Which makes the Die Bunnie Die scribble just that much more interesting.

kmwthay said...

awwwwww. SO, how come you never gave me demerits?

pam said...

mommas: Thanks for stopping by. I looked over at your page and will be back to read more soon!

Moi: Oh now, come on, you gotta post something from that yearbook now! I double dog dare ya!

Kymmie: Because ... well ... you DIDN'T RESPECT MY AUTHORI_TAY!!!!

Boxer said...

I often think blog comments are very similar to things written in old h.s. annuals.

GREAT post and pictures.