Thursday, October 08, 2009

That Caterpillar Again

Just to move my page entries along .... been a busy week and haven't gotten anything put together for a post. So saw Mr. Wooly Worm here and thought I'd post this pic of him. I think it is going to be a wet winter myself. It is raining today. AGAIN. I am starting to quack like a duck all the time now.

The husband has been for a medical procedure this week and I got to be his driver. The crazies are stirring up at the office. Or starting to stir-it-up. The number of e-mails to sift through after a day out of the office is just getting out of control. And I actually did a few minutes on an elliptical (eliptical?) trainer yesterday and am going again today.

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carmar76 said...

I think it's elliptical. If not, I've been misspelling it, too, so hey! : ) And however you spell it - way to go!

Hope the hubs recovers quickly!


Limey said...

Gorgeous furry caterpillar!!