Saturday, November 07, 2009

A 90th Birthday Party


Happy 90th Birthday!!!!!

Ha!   Caught her by surprise!   What a sweet sweet spirit.  This lady has never been one to let something get by her, either.   One of the quickest wits in the family.

Also attending were Augaleen and Luther -- another pair of sweet souls!  She's my granny's sister and I'm telling you, they always looked like twins.  She'll be celebrating her 95th next February.  And had a little skin cancer taken off her forehead lately.  Or so SHE says.  Luther said, "she doesn't listen".   Grrrhahahahha.

Cousin Jim and his wife Kathy -- a recent breast cancer survivor. She's got sassy short hair that came back in curly after her cancer treatments.

Who else do we have at this party?  Why here's Johnny with ... Sister Carole!   Amen and hallejuiah, that girl is doing great at the moment!  But has her ostomy reversal in a couple of weeks.

Happy 90th Priscilla!!!
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Gill - That British Woman said...

It's a blessing when people can celebrate their 90th birthday's. Tell her Happy Birthday from me!!

Gill in Canada