Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hacked that I'm Hacked??!!!

Been trying to sign on to facebook all morning.  And last night too.  I stepped away from the computer to watch a TV show while facebook was up and running.  Came back to a message from a friend but couldn't respond.  Froze up.  Exited to try and re-sign-on.  NOTHING!  Re-set password.  Numerous times.  Frustrating!!!!   Hopefully people haven't been getting awful stuff from me on FB because I do believe my account was hacked.  I promise to never do applications again, if I can just have my FB back!  I admit it.  I'm an addict!

Meanwhile, am going today with Sister Carole to a surgery appointment.  Hopefully, she will be all stitched back together with all body parts operating as normal by later today.  Prayers prayers prayers please.  We all know how this went last time she was in, so your good thoughts and prayers mucho appreciato.

How's everyone gearing up for Turkey Day?


Anonymous said...

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Work Kathy said...

Sending good wishes to Sister Carole today! And, you too, sweet friend. Being the caretaker is hard, anxiety-ridden work. Don't forget to breathe.

(What's with the creepy "Anonymous" comment? Odd, no?)

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Well I haven't had any dodgy messages from you, but from many others. FB is a god awful mess right now, they need to sort it! All the best to sister Carole.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Pam,
Prayers for your family are on the way up.
Peace be with you,

Boxer said...

I got one of those "anonymous" comments too. Weird.

you and your family are in my prayers.

My plans for Thanksgiving will include SLEEP.