Monday, November 16, 2009

My Evil Boy

Oh sure, he looks sweet and innocent. But he is most-assuredly NOT. He is a menace. A menace, I tell you! Sterling is the worst offender EVER. Lewis is a partner-in-crime, but not so much as Sterling. His mission: Total Sally-Cat Domination.

Here's some of it:

1. Not a day goes by without a hissy fight between the two. It is so bad, that if Sally is outside and wanting to come in, she sticks her head in the door and scouts it out to see if it is safe to set a foot in. Any movement by the other gray tabby and she scuppers back off in the wilds. Which is fine except when it is 35 degrees outside (like tonight).

2. The brothers have been known to tag team and chase her down -- Sterling chasing, Lewis standing by to attack once she is cornered. They are FAST too.

3. Sally is now banished to the garage at night so we can have some peace in the house. What does he do? Runs upside down underneath the bed at 4AM.

4. Sally spends her day sitting underneath the kitchen table chair where she is well protected from Sterling. However, he has now taken to that spot himself and sitting and ... waiting for her ....

5. Just tonight, a flash of gray fur went flying by me, ending up with a hissy fight and Sterling had Sally by the neck. She escaped just as I made it to the kitchen to break them up. He skulked off back to the guest bedroom and hunkered under the bed. Captured and tossed outside in the 35 degree wet evening. Where he will stay until Sally goes to her evening of freedom in the cold garage.

She literally only has two places in the house where she can get settled.  Top of the sofa and under the kitchen table.  But always on high alert.  Poor Sally.

He is trying my patience, this kitty Sterling! Did you ever know that kid in school who was in trouble all the time? Teacher would make him say he was sorry, but he never really was. He was sorry he got caught, not that he did whatever it was he did.

Tonight that kid is a cat named Sterling.

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Kymical Reactions said...

heh heh heh heh heh...

but my poor sally. :(

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Yes and doesn't he look like butter wouldn't melt!

But having enjoyed the H Resort hospitality overnight, I can vouch for all you say. Poor little Sally, I hope she has a warm box in the garage or you might have to think of an oil filled rad for her!

Pam said...

I need a "Cat Whisperer"!!!! It is really getting to the point where drastic action must be taken. :(