Friday, November 27, 2009

Random Thoughts of Friday Night

1.   Ironic?  That Target is advertising on "People of Walmart" website?

2.  Putting vinyl fingernails on Sterling has turned him (AND SALLY) into new kitties.  Both have snuggled with me today.  Interesting.  But now Lewis is pouting.

3.  That I wish we had brought some of that punkin' pie home from Cousin Dave's for snacking today.

4.  That it is time to re-organize a K&C girls survival luncheon for December.

5.  That I can't get my boss's website working the way I want it to!  Despite hours of effort.  Information received from elsewhere hasn't proved reliable.  Like billing information.  I officially give up until more instructions received.

6.  That I need some Mom&Kym time soon!

7.  ARGH!  Christmas cards!  What to do about those?  Gotta get geared up.

8.  Christmas tree or not?  I'm thinking no.  I think I want to put up a couple of gorgeous wreaths instead.  The real thing, not plastic. 

9.  Where are those Christmas ornaments anyway?  I haven't seen them since the move.  Must dig in attic.

10.  Need to update the MP3 player with some good workout songs.  Suggestions needed.

11.  How much more I enjoy going to the gym when it is quiet up there.  And no sign of the Exercise Nazi to make me feel guilt for missing a few days.

12.  Where's my cell phone?  I haven't seen it in several days.  I call it but can't hear it ringing?  Leave it on my desk at work maybe?  Time for a new one?

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