Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Anyone watching "Mary, Queen of Shops"???

A new Favorite English Thing: The BBC America show, "Mary, Queen of Shops". Oh, how I am loving this show! What a slice of real England!

Mary is a retail and marketing guru and goes to struggling fashion boutiques to help put them on a path to success. On the road there, you get real people, how they live, real accents and phrases, and quite a few characters to boot!

She is a no-holds-barred brassy female and knows her stuff. She has many industry connections that she sets the boutique owners up with, including buying meetings with designer brands such as French Connection and others.

Talk about reality show heaven for moi! (meaning me, not Moi, but am sure Moi would love this program as well) .... Anyway, Mary, Queen of Shops has it all for me -- Shopping, England, Clothes ... and best of all, no one gets voted off the show!!!

Look for it on Wednesday nights on BBC America. I think their season is about over but hopefully they will repeat some.
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Aunty Belle said...

ooooooh...this sounds like fun. Will look fer it!

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Yes of course and also loving it, as is the Hubster.

moi said...

Sounds like fun. Now, excuse me while I go check and see if we have BBC America. I can't remember!

Boxer said...

I'm so watching this! I love the Gordon Ramsay BBC version of "Kitchen Nightmares". I love watching small businesses get help.


K9 said...

its sounds good. my satellite dish is down though. what channel is the beeb on in merica? and, too bad shes too late for my former shop. boo.

red velvet cake. i ate so much once, i can never eat it again.