Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ghost of Christmas Past #3

WINTER BLIZZARD UPDATE (6PM):   Kymmie now home after much worry and fret .... stuck traveling in the Oklahoma Christmas Eve blizzard of 2009.  A 30-minute drive took her 6 hours+.   She reports she is safe at home finally!!!!   Yowza.  Pray for the safety of those stranded travelers.

santa music
Santa music box. 
He plays Jingle Bells.  My Grandmother Noreen had a kiln in her garage when we were kids and made all sorts of different ceramics.  She made this Santa for my mom one year and it dates back to me being very, very little indeed.  So little that I wasn’t allowed to touch Santa or try to turn the windy-uppy thing for the music box.  I ended up with Santa somehow when we closed up mom and dad’s house after daddy passed away.  He was in that missing box, so this is the first year we have seen him again in a while. 
The music box still works.  His colors are still vibrant.  He looks almost new.  But I know for a fact he is at least 45 years old.  He's probably in better shape than me!

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carmar76 said...

AWESOME! That story made me tear up, too.