Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Grand Canyon Skywalk

Because I've spent so much time describing this Grand Canyon Skywalk over at The Troll Report, that I thought I'd post a pic or two. Here's John sitting on the glass. There to the right is a little glimpse of scaredy-cat me, who stuck to the support structure like glue. Yes, that is nothing but a long-down freefall underneath the glass.

No, you can't take your own camera onto the skywalk bridge. For safety reasons, they don't want you distracted or blocking someone else's view. They have big commercial cameras posted every so often and have their own Indian manning each camera. Then, once you are off the bridge, you go to the office and purchase your photo package. Rip-off? Maybe, but we didn't mind. Their photos were better than anything we could have taken.  Pick up your camera and take all the pics you want in and around the bridge.  Just not on the bridge.

And it isn't that you can't just take a camera. You can't take anything. You drop all your belongings in a locker before going out on the bridge, and you wear those little scuffie things over your shoes.

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And here's a pic that they give you for free with your photo order.  Divine.

The skywalk is in a very remote area on an Indian reservation.  They have a few other places they are building up (the Indians, that is) for tourists.   We took a bus tour from Vegas, went over the Hoover dam, and stopped at a very remote outpost to change to an even lesser bus -- one that would make the next ten mile dirt road in the desert adventure a little more unique.  I recommend it to everyone.


TROLL Y2K said...

Can you take a mule?

Pam said...

Nope, not even a mule. Socks over your shoes, that is it.

Karlyn Bunting said...

That's fun. I haven't walked on the Skywalk since December 2006. Your experience and opinion are appreciated...Thank You.

Alley Kaye said...

Gorgeous pic of the Grand Canyon Skywalk with the rainbow!!! I didn't get that when I walked on it, darn it. Yeah, kind of a bummer that they don't let you take your stuff on it, but it's still pretty freaky :) Glad you had fun.