Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mute Monday – Year in Review. 1980 in review. Because I’ve had enough of 2009.


1980-1 1980-2

1980-3 1980-4 1980-5 1980-6 1980-7 1980-8


Pam said...

Miracle on ice; Mt St Helens; Pacman; Reagan; AC/DC's Back in Black; Ordinary People; the MGM Grand fire; John Lennon

Boxer said...

1980. I live two hours north of Mt.Saint Helens. Weird, because I also had crappy year and I'v been thinking a lot about 2000. Maybe it's the new decade thing?

Here's to a fabulous year for all of us! Happy MM.

moi said...

Hah! I love your approach! Speaking of Mt. St. Helens, when I left the house for school the day after the eruption, there was a fine film of ash all over everything outside. All the way down here! Freaky. Happy Mute Monday!

carmar76 said...

i like your choices!

and i hope 2010 is a banner year for everyone, cuz 2009 seems to have been a bummer year in a lot of ways!

pam is sick of 2009 said...

Boxie Babe: Maybe it is the new decade thing. I don't know. I just picked a year at random. I don't remember 1980 being particularly good year either.

Moi: That is freaky indeed. But I've seen it rain mud (here) before so then again maybe not freaky.

Carmy: I hope it is a good year for you too.

Kymical Reactions said...

1980: Kymmie turns one.

Like your approach, mother.

ANNA-LYS said...

30 years ago hmmmm
was that really better
than 2009?

happy MM!


Very good selections. Liked this a lot. No rule said 2009. Ha! 1980 was a better year too!

Happy Mute Monday!

Buzz Kill said...

1980 was a great year just because of the greatest president since FDR - Ronald Reagan. And Back in Black was the greatest AC/DC album - ever. I was 20 then, no wife, no kids, 2nd year college boy, life was full of promise - what the hell happened. I like your year better than this year.

Happy MM!

Boxer said...

Buzz Kill and I are the same age. I came back to tell you how much I loved your tree picture. It was one of my favs.

Christmas Pammy said...

Anna: Maybe not better; just different.

Troll: Thanks for the rule interpretation, I thought I had interpreted correctly!

Buzzy: I'm about 2.5 years ahead of you. But yes was still very young in 1980 with an ittle baby in the house. And a marriage on the rocks.

Boxie: Thanks! We love that tree and go outside just to look at it.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Pam,

What a great year! Mrs. Karl and I celebrated our first New Year's Eve together, I started working in a career that I absolutely love, after several false starts. I was flat broke and busting my ass, but damn, I was having a good time.

fishy said...

So great of you to give us a break from 2009! Clever lady! Happy Monday and Merry Christmas.


Coincidentally, 1980 was ALSO the Year of the Filly. Namely, Genuine Risk who is the only filly in history to finish in the money in all the American Classics. 1st Derby. 2nd Preakness. 2nd Belmont.

And she and I did the wild thing in 1982!

Pam said...

Karl: Sounds like good memories indeed. Go recapture some of that!

Fishy: How are things with YOU?

Secretariat: What? You went all Tiger Woods with Genuine Risk? Cool!

Vixen said...

Umm...1980 was a good year....LOL