Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Red Velvet with the Babygirl

Okay, so she is 30 now, she will always be my babygirl. Didn't get to see her over Thankgiving, so we went to dinner tonight at Cheesecake Factory (it's girly there). And we shared the Red Velvet Cake. Oh. My. Gawd. Can I just say now that it is my new favorite thing. One slice rich enough for four people, but we did our best, us two!

Anyway, loaned the girl my laptop, so maybe she will be back online soon. She says to tell everyone that she misses them and is having bloggy withdrawal.
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Brit Gal Sarah said...

OMG don't ever tell the Hubster about this, or we'll never get to eat anywhere else lol!

Boxer said...

we miss your girl.


Pam said...

Sarah: So worth the trip. We'll meet you there sometime!

Boxie: She misses everyone! I think she will be up and running (WITH MY LAPTOP) this week.

moi said...

You know, that Cheesecake Factory is quite unsung as far as I'm concerned. First off, they have a FABULOUS chopped liver platter that would make any Brooklynite proud and that Red Velvet cake is TO DIE FOR! TO DIE. I want a slice now, dang it.

pam said...

Moi: I agree totally! The food is great, mostly reasonably priced, large menu, beautiful surroundings (and I judge most restaurants by the atmosphere of the ladies room). Kym and I shared: Stuffed mushrooms, chopped steak, red velvet cake. It is indeed TO DIE FOR. In fact, if I had eaten a whole piece by myself ... well, straight to the hospital for carb overload but what a way to go.

Aunty Belle said...


Hurry back Kymmie--we miss ya!