Wednesday, January 27, 2010

AI - Dallas

AI was in Dallas tonight. I missed almost half the show because we were out bargain hunting. Loves me some Craigslist. Found and purchased and love some new (to us) furniture. It was meant for man-cave but we may end up using it as living room. Who knows! But still, it meant we got to see the son-in-law for a bit tonight, because what good is a big, strong, 6'4" son-in-law if he can't move furniture for you once in a while?

So meanwhile, once I settled in to watch the show and of course, didn't have the beginning DVR'd, we were almost all the way through with Day One. Missed it all except that the judge was ....??? I've already forgotten. Oh wait, it was Dougie Houser/Neal Patrick. I love that guy. Anyone see him in Harold & Kumar go to White Castle? I love that movie. A theme this year seems to be a lot of kids who can sing well but grew up sick. A young man with Tourette's syndrome was very good, and leave it to Dr. Houser to pick up on what was wrong with him. That's about all I saw of Day One.

Day Two was guest judge Joe Jonas, who again I am too old to know who he is or why he is important. I think he is this year's New Kids on the Block. No one stood out to me in particular from Day two. But I was busy scooting furniture across the room. That might have had something to do with it.

I think it was the Dallas auditions that Ms. Kymmie's sister-at-her-dad's-house drove down to try out for. The producers told her she wasn't ready yet (?) and maybe try again. Kym will correct me if I am wrong about that.

I know a couple of years ago, a friend's daughter tried out in Dallas and got through to sing in front of the panel (as I recall the story anyway), but I don't think she was ever aired on TV. Meanwhile, this girl,
Ashley, is the daughter of Sister Carole's best good friend and has recently signed to a local record label and is singing/songwriting all over town. Not that we've made it out to see her in a long, long while, but we hope to rectify that soon. Meanwhile, go buy her CD and make her mom happy :)

Waving to everyone from a newish sofa ... cheers for now ya'll.


TROLL Y2K said...

Joe Jonas is one of the "Jonas Brothers" and yes, they're pretty famous. I'm pretty sure they're Christians but make Pop music.

I was VERY impressed with the athletic negro who wrote his own witty song. To me, Simon's comments about him were illustrative about what's wrong with AI judging. The guy WROTE the song to be sung in a restrained manner. Because he didn't SCREECH HIGH NOTES vis-a-vis Adam Gheybert, Simon assumed "he doesn't have much of a voice".

When did screeching at the top of your range become the only acceptable manner of singing?

Pam said...

Trolly: Yes, I know that much about the Jonas Brothers -- chastity vows, etc., just not much else and never watched their shows. I thought the song was very clever (your reference) and maybe that was a hint from Simon that he needed to bring a bit more to the table later. I think Simon is misunderstood sometimes!

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Joe Jonas was about as good as Avril 'one hit wonder' Lavigne - pointless! And OMG Posh is back next week, I may just miss it!

Wasn't too impressed with anyone this week, I'm ready for Hollywood and Ellen.

Boxer said...

Brit Gal said it best, the judges this week (except for Doogie Howser, I loved him) were POINTLESS.

One.More.Time... I'm so boredzzzzzzz with Auditions. Is it over yet????

Bring on Hollywood week!

(P.S. congrats on the "new" furniture!)

moi said...

Hey, girl. Just catching up on AI, since I didn't get to watch it while I was away. Only comment I can make is that Katie Perry struck me as an attention getting biatch with some muy purchased decolletage, no?

Stay safe in this ice storm!

Pam said...

Sarah: Yeah, he was pointless. And really shouldn't they have these guest judges perform something to make us like them?

Boxie: Yes, auditions seem pointless this year, but I guess it is the 'build up' for the season, gets us ready for the real thing. I guess.

Moi: K9 pointed out that it is Katy Perry who is going to marry Russell Brand. Now, I like me some Brits (as we all know) but that guy is just plain fugly and unfunny. Katy did nothing for me, but again if she had performed on the show I might have had a reason to form an opinion.