Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year’s Day and a Window Smackdown


Merry New Year everyone!   Here’s wishing everyone a wonderful, prosperous, healthy 2010.  I have no idea where the last decade went!  But there has never been a year of my life that I wasn’t glad when it was over and excited to see what was coming my way in the new year !  So, 2009 is DONE (like dinner), so let’s party like it is 2010 and make it a fun one!  And here’s a fave U2 song to celebrate.




(A New Year’s Eve Story Starring Sallycat and Sterling Jenson Stewart III)


Above:  Sally to Sterling:  Off!  Off my windowsill, I say!  I don’t care if you ARE on the other side.  In fact, it is because YOU ARE on the other side of the window that I can show you my ferociousness.



Sterling to Sally:  Yawhat?  Get down off the windowsill?   Make me?!!  Pfft.


Sally to Sterling:   Stare-down and evil intimidation always works.  (off-camera is the whap-whap-whap of the Sally strong right paw against the window)


Sally: I hate that little bast**d.   He makes my life miserable.  I have to run from him every single day of my life when we are in that house.  But for now, for this moment, it will be ME who is Queen of the Windowsill and I will NOT be moved!


Sterling:  Please can I look out the window again please?  PLLLLEEEAAAASSE?

Sally:  Back off, buddy, this window is mine.  MINE, I say.


Sterling: Please?

Sally:  Don’t even think about it!


Sterling:  Okay, I will go for a snack.  Or … make her THINK that I am going for a snack but really it is just a distraction!


Sterling:  Because I really, really, really want to be on that windowsill.


Sterling:  She just won’t go away!  She won’t give in.


Sterling:  What’s a boy to do?  Le Sigh.  I’m depressed now.


Drinky Crow said...

Charming little war-of-wills. Happy New Year!

carmar76 said...

Awww, poor Sterling. Tho it looks like he ended up on the sill, anyway. : )

Happy 2010!!

Aunty Belle said...

Heh--Cats will be cats. I knows thar's such a thang a dawg pyschologists, do they have kitty psychs too?

Happy New Year!!!

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Sorry my sympathy is all with Sally O'Mally, who well and truly had her territory stomped all over in 09 lol! I hope your keeping that garage toasty for her, it's gonna be freeeezing next week.

Happy New Year to you both, like you, I am so glad 09 is done and dusted!

Pam said...

Trolly Crow: Happy new year to you, glad you stopped by today!

Carmy: Poor STerling nothing. He's a menace I tell you.

Aunty: We need cat psychiatrist for us humans who feel compelled to add dialogue to photos of kitty activity around this house. That is what needs a psychiatrist.

Sarah! You will be pleased to know that the sleeping arrangements have been changed. Boys are banished to upstairs bathroom (far away from hearing range). Sally in house and has taken over edge-of-bed-by-the-feet duties. Unless at 3AM she wants to go back outside to the bars, at which time we just shut her into the office. I know you had a tough 2009 but here's to healthy healthy 2010!

K9 said...

cat drama. the worst kind. grrrrrrrrrherhahahaha happy new year, grrrrrrrrrrl.

Kymical Reactions said...

i LOVE that pic of Sterling peeking around the corner. presh.

come over for funny blizzard pix.


Doctor FTSE said...

Lovely! Made me wonder . . could you (or anyone) have told the story in words alone . . without using any pictures? Doubt it. Which one backed down in the end?

Besties for 2010.

P.S Got here via "jinsky's" blog in the U.K