Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ice Storm. Well, Freezing Rain

We get freezing rain today. Lovely. Lovely that I don't have to be out and about in it! Hope everyone is home safe and sound today. This is the view from my office window, hope our trees survive. This is meant to be a big time winter storm. Like the blizzard on Christmas Eve wasn't bad enough -- now we get the one kind of storm (freezing rain) that is guaranteed to break down the power lines. God bless the work crews, the sand trucks, the linemen, and all those who have to work in this mess.
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Brit Gal Sarah said...

Stay warm and hope you keep the power. It's still snowing a blizzard here and we have about 6 inches. No school tomorrow :-)

fishy said...

Well, if the newsies are correct I will soon be sharing your pain, the ice commeth to the Carolinas tonight.

carmar76 said...

I hope you're staying powered up & all that! My friend Brenda's husband is a tech w/ the (power or phone company, I always forget to ask). He & his crew were sent down to OK & were told to pack for a week, then that was changed to 15 days!! So, stay safe!!