Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Moose Party

My Friend Jamie had her annual Moose Party tonight.  What is a Moose Party, you ask?  It is sort of a post-Christmas Dirty Santa party.  Meaning, you bring as a gift the one crazy thing that you can’t believe someone actually spent time and money to pick out for you.   Or, an all-around general tacky gift.  Tackier than a white elephant sort of thing.


Steven (above) received an embellished sweatshirt that makes the rounds every year.  My Friend Jamie actually wore this back in the 1980’s.  You can bet it will return at next year’s Moose Party.  Let’s look at that fringe close up.


Yep, it is frayed denim.  Beyond tacky. 


Here’s Elvis wearing said Tacky Sweatshirt.


Setting the tone for Moose Party exchange, was this Christmas Card holder made to look like a giant ornament.  It came with a few photo frames and a pooping penguin.  Tacky!


And here’s Elvis wearing a leopard nightie.



The gift of the evening though, was this Vogue Turning Lamp Clock.  Almost more amusing than the clock was the instructions on the box (above).

More disturbing, however, is that MY HUSBAND stole it from someone and sat it on our bookcase in the living room.  Shoot me now.

Please let me know if anyone recognizes this song, because we are sure it has a name:

The lamp/clock is some sort of Chinese boat.  John promises to fix the lampshade so that it does, indeed, rotate.


Brit Gal Sarah said...

Oh now! LMAO I think that will add that certain je ne sais quois you were missing at The Resort!

carmar76 said...

Oh, wow!

And poor Elvis, being forced into that negligee... LOL