Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mute Monday – Blue – a collection of some old faves



Kymical Reactions said...

You need to add in some Blue Oyster Cult, and Blue Monday.

Happy Blue MM. xoxox.

moi said...

Brilliant! I absolutely LOVE "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain." I figure if I ever end up having to drown my sorrows in a bottle of beer in a dark, smokey bar somewhere in Texas, I'll wanna be serenaded by this and Kris Kristoferson's "Why Me Lord." But for now, all is "happy." I hope your Monday is, too.

TROLL Y2K said...

I like everyone of these "BLUE" songs. Gosh, it would be nice if today's singers with big voices would learn something from Linda Ronstadt.

Happy Mute Monday!

fishy said...

Great Choices Pam !
I am with Moi on the Kris Kristoferson thing.
Certainly do agree with Troll on Blue Bayou" and I like
Brown Eyes Blue" .... but where is Elvis????!!!!!??????

Pam said...

Kymmie - I had Blue Oyster Cult on my list but couldn't find the version I wanted to post. Christopher Walken needing MORE COWBELL.

Moi - when that day comes call me and I'll cry in the beer with you. Willie at his best with this song.

Trolly: If I could be any singer at all, it would be Linda Ronstadt at the era here. Le sigh.

Fishy: Elvis was on my original list but figured it was too obvious, and not being a big Elvis fan, he got bumped.

Boxer said...

I was trying to do something with Blue Bayou, but you did it the best way; use the original. Deacon Blues reminds me of my last year in High School and Moi's comment made me smile. She's right.

Happy MM!

Buzz Kill said...

Christopher Walken and the Don't Fear the Reaper cowbell sketch is the funniest SNL skit ever. And when I was in college, a guy in my dorm was a big Linda Ronstadt fan. Played that song all the time and painted a 6' X 6' mural of her (the one where she has the flower in her hair) in the hallway.

Happy MM!

Aunty Belle said...

well, Oh My Goodness!

I ain't thought of some of these songs or singers fer decades--Tommy James & the Shondells??

Blue Bayous?? Awesome.

Love the blue titled tunes twist ya took.

Happy MM!

Joanna Cake said...

I agree with Kym! 'Dont Fear the Reaper' should have been up there. But I loved that Crystal Gayle track. Happy MM x

Pam said...

Boxie: You are indeed on Blue Bayou, aren't you! Blue Island Bayou anyway. Deacon Blue is the BEST. Definitely a time in history.

Buzzy: I agree, totally best SNL skit, at least in recent history. I got a fever, and the only cure is MORE COWBELL.

Aunty: I actually heard the Tommy James song on an oldies station and that is what gave me the idea for the whole MM post.

Joanna: Well, maybe I messed up not posting a true Blue Oyster Cult song, but I couldn't get past the idea of MORE COWBELL and I guess that clip is copyright protected and unaccessible!

Karl said...

Good afternoon Pam,

Love the blue tunes!

ree said...

Nice! And Blue Moon - which is what I did, but I didn't include the song. ;-)

Happy Mute Monday, Pam dear.

Vixen said...

Cool route you took. :)