Friday, January 15, 2010

Okie Earthquakes


I didn’t feel it but everyone was talking about it today … two earthquakes hit just N and E of OKC this morning.  And there’s been little rattly quakes in that area several times recently.  After this Haiti business, it is a little spooky.  We aren’t known for earthquakes.  Tornadoes – yes.  Blizzards – yes.  Freak winds – yes.

However, having said that, when we lived at our other house, I did feel an earthquake.  It banged loud, like a sonic boom remembered from my youth.  Windows rattled.  Then nothing.  Only found out later it was an earthquake centered between us and Chickasha.

Okay, so here is Pam’s theory.  Interstate 44 is possessed by the devil.  I’m sure I could convince Pat Robertson of this.

Everything bad that happens in OKC (nature-wise) has something to do with I-44.  Tornadoes form in Lawton and travel up I-44 in a NE direction and then wreak havoc in OKC, then move on up I-44 (turnpike) and do the same in Tulsa.  Same with the earthquakes.

The one I heard was I-44 between Lawton & OKC.  The ones today were near Luther (heading toward Tulsa).  I’m sensing a pattern here.  Maybe we should have moved a bit further west.


carmar76 said...

LOL you know, the pat robertson thing is sad yet funny. and PA recently had some random earthquackery going on, too. What's the deal?! Glad it wasn't big, tho. The Haiti situation is just awful.

TROLL Y2K said...

Haitian Earthquake is
a horrible long-term blow

Old Man Robertson.
Foolish open mouth but good
open helping heart.

Kymical Reactions said...

One of them was not too far from my office. I didn't feel a thing. And it was supposed to be the biggest one in OK in the past 12 years.

You felt one at 111th? Whaaa?? you never told me this. :(