Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rat Patrol and American Idol

Tonight, AI was coming from LA, and the original angry girl, Avril Lavigne was guest judge, looking all cute and sassy in a devil-horned hoodie, which Simon was all over like a rash. Like a rash.

Nutjobs on day one:  Sandwich maker guy.  Painful.  Adam Lambert wannabe hair guy. 

Featured Simon quote of the day:  “It sounded like you have gone to the dentist.”

Going through:  Guy who wrote the original song.  I liked him.  Mary the rocker girl who sang Pat Benatar and had the little girl.  Liked her a lot too.

Day two had Katy Perry as a guest judge.  I’m too old to know who she is or why she is important.

Likes here:  Tasha the minister girl and Andrew Garcia, who I actually got a chill when he sang.  Hmmmm.  Prophetic chill, we’ll see.  Maybe it is just cold in the house. 

Not so impressed with:  Chris the Foster Care Guy.  Ryan said be prepared to be blown away.  We weren’t.  Not bad, good enough to go through, but needs to step up the game.  We agreed with Simon & Katy – old fashioned audition and the back story won’t get him through if he doesn’t bring the talent.

Next:   Big D.

Meanwhile … over at our house … it was ….


Sterling Cat observed with what we believe to be his first mouse on the patio.  Will it be carnage?  Or will it just be a case of chasing it around the empty flowerpot?   And do mice jump when angry?

P.S. Thanks Trolly for the link to this site, I may have to pay for the upgrade because this was really cute when back-tracked with Rod Stewart’s Some Guys Have All the Luck.  But I’m too cheap to pay it tonight.


TROLL Y2K said...

Bad night for AI. Boring show. Rocker Girl was a cliche to me. Tasha was just okay. The other minister was just okay too.

Looked to me like Sterling wasn't too serious about the mouse. You can import your own songs there for free.

Boxer said...

Why does AI make us go through these auditions? I would prefer to see more Hollywood Week (Season 1 did this and it was great) I tivo'd through most of it, but watch enough to think Katy Perry is a bitchy 20 something.

Love the video (Sterling is clearly well fed because he was amused but not hunting) and hope you do upgrade if only to see what else Pam could create.

Anonymous said...

Thank you :-) you should look at that emo boy hair on this blog:

K9 said...

wake me when its the final 12.

katy perry. i know that she is going to marry that british comic who hates america...russell brand. and she is a new old school girl...vintage look girl. theres a ton of em!