Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sunday – Motorcycle Swap Meet and More Kitty Carnage


Sunday found us at the State Fairgrounds, avoiding the Home & Garden show but looking around a motorcycle swap meet.  Don’t know what John thought he would find at this place, but whatever it was, was not here.  However, I was highly amused by some of these patches above.  One in particular jumps out at me for all the squirrel haters on this site.  And please support your pole-dancing single moms.  Luckily, I never had to stoop that low when it was me who was a single mom!


The crazy and dysfunctional veterans, however, have great patches.  In fact, a few of these could apply to me.  Just substitute “office worker” for veteran and I’d be spending the dollars for this patch.


I did try to tempt John into buying the Elvis leather jacket but he didn’t want to for some unknown reason.  I just don’t understand him sometimes! ;)


Coolest thing at the show was this old motorcycle, not that I know anything about motorcycles but this one was obviously cool.  And as you can imagine, I was severely over-dressed in my Levi’s and cute sweater.  I need a vest.  Gotta get me one.  Leather with dysfunctional patches.


This helmet was actually being considered as a purchase.  I told him it makes him look like a NATZ-ZEE (we’d just seen Inglorious Basterds, so the Brad Pitt pronunciation was used, of course).  He didn’t purchase.  And he really could have been named Adolphus.  Long story for another time.


Now, for me, I was sorely tempted by the Barney Fife sign.  Bloodhound of the Law.  I love it.  And re the muffler shop – we actually had one in town once upon a time and their slogan was really and truly this: 


I wonder whatever happened to those guys?


Need an armadillo beer/wine holder?  Here it is and a bargain for $35.  I had never seen such a thing.  I think this is definite Man Cave material.


Three blind mice on the patio.  Blind because they have died an atrocious death at the paws of a certain kitty.  I know at least one is a Lewis kill.  So these two together might be Lewis carnage.  But I think the bottom one is a Sally kill.  Sterling?  How can you kill mice when you are running around singing “doo dah dah dah doo doo dah”?

P1170152 P1170153


moi said...

"When guns are outlawed . . . I'll be an outlaw." Huh. 'Bout sums it up :o)

Bwahahahahaha to you ID-ing your kittys' kills. I always say, house cats are one day without kitty food away from reverting back to lions.

fishy said...

Had not the cats eliminated the mice, might they come into your house? I say give the Kitty's a treat.

I'm with Moi, I am definitely on with the outlaw patch.

Pam said...

Moi: Actually, I thought the "Squirrels - Nature's little speed bumps" was the one that would catch the eye of this crowd! Yes, two of the three cats that allow us to live in this house with them might revert to lions. Sterling is the one who will be running around with a can opener trying to get into the tuna can.

Fishy! Not at this point. THe dead mice are just appearing on the patio and we haven't seen any attempts to get them in the house. Yet. That day may be coming. And we probably need to make that gun purchase while we can.

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Died laughing at John in gerry hat! Poor little mice, what did they ever do eh?

carmar76 said...

Good lil hunters you have there!

And... I can't decide if the patch supporting single stripper moms is sweet or offensive. *laugh*