Tuesday, February 16, 2010

AI - end of Hollyweird week

I don't have much from tonight's 2 hour episode. I was about ready to pull my hair out for the dragging-out of the scenario. Argh! So there will be people we have not seen yet that make the top 24 and we will have no idea who they are; and others have been over-emphasized. Tomorrow night will be the final cuts, so I'll reserve comment until then. Me & Kara are rooting for blondie guitar guy. Big Mike made the cut; so I think that means my OKC teenager Thaddeus will be out. They probably won't be needing two big Black guys. The girls were uneventful for me so far. Tomorrow will be torture for all of us having to sit through another round of these cuts. Ellen review after tonight is that she does go "on" a bit ... I still really want to see the individual comments she will be making.


TROLL Y2K said...

Gads, really slowly paced show. Must have been 30 clips of the judges playing with polaroids.

I don't know if yellow-toothed Ohio babymomma meth-head made it, but she gave another sterling performance with guitar and harmonica.

Thought I saw a bit of foreshadowing with my Dark Horse Pick, athletic negro dancer/playwright guy. He made the cut last night but then they showed a clip of him saying "I'm a dancer, never had a singing lesson in my life".

Ruh ro!

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Troll - she made it to top 24, should be tonight. I also like Todrick I think his name is, altho with a name like that, he ain't ever gonna see it in lights!

We are loving Big Mike and Casey (blondie), and rooting for Thad who is also excellent. I think he'll make it.

Yes way too long, but tonight if my eyes didn't lie, it's only 30 mins!

Pam said...

Trolly, your meth-head girl might be too much the real thing for this show. The Black dancer guy did get through, Todrick, he's the full package for sure.

Sarah: Casey, yes that's it! That guy has it goin' on. :) I love Big Mike too. I think the talent this year is going to be phenom!

Boxer said...

I thought Meth Mouth Girl went home last week? Dragging her suitcase down the hall? Different girl?

I watched last night's show in 20 min. thanks to tivo. There was zero content.

moi said...

Gah, no KIDDING it was padded! They kept showing the same people over and over and over, which made me wonder, is that because they got some big surprises in store or are they just lame? For instance, the lanky, goofy-grinned, mop topped kid with the '70s vibe? He was one of my favorites but we haven't seen even a brief performance from him. Does that bode well or no? Guess I'll have to wade through it tonight to find out.

And how shocking was it that rocker Mary didn't make it? She thought she was a shoe-in and man the look on her face when she found out she wasn't going through.

Competition is fierce, though.