Wednesday, February 24, 2010

AI – men’s night

Men’s round was a little ho-hum for me and I questioned my sofa time to watch.  Not sure what that says about me that I stuck it out and watched to the end.

1.  Todrick sang Since You’ve Been Gone (Kelly Clarkson) and jazzed it up.  I loved it.  Judges did not.  We thought it very current.

2.  Aaron who is 16 sang “Here Comes Goodbye” by Rascal Flatts.  I don’t know this song.  Fell flat for me (pun unintentional).  Forgettable.  Is he cute enough for the tweenies?

3.  Jermaine sang “Get Here”, which I can’t hear without thinking of good ol’ Justin Guarini from Season One.  My notes said Hotel Loungey, which Simon confirmed for me.

4.  Tim Urban, who was the last-minute replacement, sang “Too Late”.  I thought he was solid, not spectacular.  Judges hammered him.  Tweenies will love him.

5.  Joe Munoz sang “You and I” by Jason Mraz, a song which I love.  Thought the nerves had him, safe but good.  Simon quote of the evening here:  “Limp and forgettable, much like our host.”

6.  Tyler the Jim Morrison Guy sang “American Woman”.  Too much attitude looked over-acted.  Judges agreed.  But I really like this guy for some unknown reason.

7.  Lee sang “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol.  Another fave song of mine.  Did he forget the words and mumble a bit?  I don’t care.  Love him.  Simon liked him.  However, the judges beat him up for not being the rocker guy that they know him to be.  Well, judges, guess WHAT >???? WE, the viewing audience, don’t know him to be a “rocker dude” because we NEVER GOT TO SEE HIM DURING HOLLYWOOD WEEK.   We had a clean slate.  Judge him not, Kara, leave that to US.

8.  John the Shania Fan sang “God Bless the Child.”  Aarrrggghhh.  Painful.  Forgettable.  No emotion.  I actually switched the channel for a bit.

9.  Big Mike sang “This Love” by Maroon Five.  Another good song; jazzed it up; maybe a bit too fast?  I don’t care.  I love Big Mike.  He’s a natural performer and potential winner of the whole shebang.

10.  Alex Lambert was another young cutie who sang James Morrison song, “It’s a Wonderful World”.  He was very different; unexpected in a good way; full of nerves; tweenies will love him.  I call him safe tonight.

11.  Casey James.  Sang Bryan Adams’ song “Heaven”.  This guy is polished, has star quality already, didn’t get flustered with all the goings-on at the judges table.  Do I hear a little bit of BeeGees in his voice?  I think so!  In a good way.  And Kara:  STF up.  Get over  yourself and don’t ruin this guy for everyone else.  He is very very good in his own right.  Still an early fave of mine.

12.  Andrew sang Fall Out Boy.  Did they save the best for last as they usually do?  Perhaps.  He was very good.  Safe, but good.  Simon hammered him and expected more.  But hopefully in a way to light a fire under this guy because he could go all the way too.

My votes for the evening:   #1 Lee; #2 Casey; #3 Andrew, with a Big #4 to Big Mike.

I thought the boys were slightly better than the girls.

I thought Kara needs to get over herself.

I thought Ellen actually had constructive criticism and looked less of a lump than last night.

I think Simon is bored with it all.


Brit Gal Sarah said...

We agreed the boys were just a bit better. I missed Todrick, so will take your word as I like him.

Lee - not convinced yet. Love big Mike too and he will go far. Love Andrew too, think he'll go far too.

But the Hubster has spoken, he says Casey will win the whole shebang, and he might just be right. He really is the whole package and yes please STF up Kara!

Hard to call who will go home.

Pam said...

Sarah: Casey is the whole package for sure, and the Kara schtick has gone on way too long. I'll remember that hubster has spoken and believe me when I say I agree with him. But there are a few others with potential. I hope Casey continues to rise above that certain hoopla.

moi said...

Well said, Pam! I agree with just about everything you said.

I'm stunned that for so much talent, the opening performances by both guys and gals were so lackluster.

There wasn't a single performance that I thought was really great. I like Tyler/Jim Morrison, too, and had high hope for him, but he messed up by essentially positing himself as a cliche. He'll need some very astute advice and the maturity to follow it not to get voted off next time (I think he's safe for now because he has potential to be interesting, but he won't get another chance if he blows it again).

Stupid ass Kara (who can whip out some good criticism every now and again - she does know her stuff) nonetheless embarrassed the shit out of herself last night over Casey. I thought he handled it with exceptional grace. Bad position to be in, with those great looks snagging all the attention. I hope he becomes less of a novelty as time goes on, because he can sing. Although, I have to admit, I wasn't in love with his performance last night. Much, MUCH better was the blusey quality he displayed during Hollywood week. Where was that?

I think my favorite performance was actually Big Mike's, mainly because he's never over styled, and he seems so amiable.

Over all though? Meh.

Although, I do love Simon's 'tude and like you am finding Ellen to be quite helpful with her comments.

TROLL Y2K said...

100% agree that Casey was HEAD-AND-SHOULDERS above the rest and that Kara NEEDS TO STF up about her cougar-lust for the poor guy. And he sang a song I'm familiar with and a good choice.

I'm thinking that Casey, like Meth-Mom, has a background where he never considered American Idol as a career-enhancer until recently. And that's a GOOD thing.

And, even though he's skinny and good looking, I think there's a bit of TROLL in Casey. That he hasn't gotten rattled by Kara's nonsense shows that.

My dark horse Todrick had a bad night. I've never heard the song he "jazzed up" beyond recognition.It just didn't sound good to me. Hope he's smart enough to make big adjustments.

None of the other guys were worth writing about and I FF-d through a lot. But...

Ellen said something I've always suspected. I guess Simon has said it before too but I missed him saying it.

She said that they sound "COMPLETELY DIFFERENT" on TV.
I think that must be especially true of "Lee from Chicago". He sounds LIKE CRAP to me on TV but the judges usually like him live.

Boxer said...

I agree with on the singers, and Kara? I was horrified by her. If that had been a woman up there and Simon/Randy were making those remarks? It wouldn't have seemed "funny" and I think Ryan Secrest's comment about "HR" was appropriate. I'm horribly bored so far. Moi said it right; with so much talent during the auditions, what happened??

moi said...

Troll: Todrick messed with Kelly Clarkson's "Since You Been Gone." She was the first A.I. winner:

Heck of a good pop song.

Pam said...

Moi: Well our Tyler/Morrison guy is gone tonight ... only disappointment in the leavings as far as I'm concerned. I think he had potential and would have been interesting to watch. That attitude did not serve him well.

Troll: Yes, Todrick jazzed up Kelly Clarkson's original, which I love. But still I didn't think it was awful but the judges did. Your janelle girl went home, but did she or did she not date Tebow? That's what my inquiring mind wants to know.

Boxie: The thing with Kara has got to stop or she is going to sabotage this guy and it will be on her head. She needs to get professional immediately or seriously - leave the show. I am totally offended. The guy is mega talented and she is embarassing.

Moi: Love me some Kelly C -- she was my pick in season one from early days, which probably explains why I'm still stuck on this show after all this time!

Brit Gal Sarah said...

I'm glad Tyler went home and gutted for Joe Munez, THAT was a travesty with replacement guy staying. I think we have found our Sanjaya for this season already with him, cute face for the little girls, so he'll pull votes despite being crap in comparison to the rest!

BTW - anyone figure out who he replaced or who dropped out??!!

TROLL Y2K said...

I'd forgotten that it's mostly teen-age girls who vote. Thanks for the reminder on that and the heads-up on Todrick's song. I did hear them say "kelly clarkson" and I know who SHE is, just never heard the song.

I have zero problem with Gator Girls getting axed when they perform as badly as Janelle did.

Didn't have a problem with any of the axe decisions. Horse-faced 70s guy was a surprise only because they dwelled on him so much.

Kymical Reactions said...

i missed the girls. and if the boys were better, than this season already sucks. i may not watch. it was tough to listen to the lame slow songs. COME ON PEOPLE! we wanna hear something that will get our feet tapping.

Pam said...

Sarah: From what I remember of waht I read about the guy who was replaced -- he thought he was out of a contract, but in fact he hadn't expired yet. And he gave up his job, apartment, sold everything to go be on idol but it all fell apart at the 11th hour. Something about his former manager making trouble for him by not going ahead and releasing him from something that was expiring any day anyway.

Troll: I bet you have heard the Kelly Clarkson song, it just sounded nothing like Todrick's version.

Kymmie: Maybe we should all get a life and quit being glued to the tube ...