Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The Biggest Loser Winner

Today my groupie-self got to meet one Mr. Danny Cahill, who was last season's winner on NBC's the Biggest Loser. He's from Oklahoma and was at the office today to receive a resolution of congratulations. He was the biggest loser ever on The Biggest Loser, starting in at over 400 lbs and dropping to 191 lbs over the course of the show.

Absolutely the nicest man, very earnest, honest and what a great sense of humor!

Congrats to Danny. I'm feeling inspired to get to the gym now. And wouldn't you know -- my little camera had to go and practically die on me today. Was lucky to get these pics. I bonded with his kids and they are going to come work for me one day. Best thing? The way he looks at his wife. Yowza.
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Brit Gal Sarah said...

And seriously cute as well as lovely!

Lucky you ;-)

Boxer said...

super cutey! I watched last season and was amazed at his transformation... not just physically, but every way. Yay! I'm glad he's still doing well. I wanted him to win.

carmar76 said...

He has happy eyes. For a dying camera, it did REALLY well on that last pic! Woot!! : )

Pam said...

Sarah: Seriously cute! Just THE nicest guy too. He is true Okie kind of guy, never met a stranger, totally gracious, very inspiring. He is working toward being an inspirational speaker now and is already doing well with that.

Boxie Babe: The transformations are amazing. But they work out for hours on end. It would have to create results.

Carmie: He does have happy eyes. I hope things continue to go well for him and his family. They were adorable.