Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Movie Clip Wednesday – Muscials. And there is only one I could post --- OKLAHOMA!

I couldn’t find the Shirley Jones/Gordon MacRae version from the original movie, so let’s just enjoy us some HUGH JACKMAN singing my State Song!  I get patriotic every time I hear this.  My third grade teacher had been to Broadway to see the musical and insisted we all learn this opening verse to the state song.  Brand New State!  Brand New State!  Gonna treat you great!

Love Surrey with the Fringe on Top also … love the big blue skies and the open prairie, very Oklahoma-ish.


And I promise to stop now.  No wait, I cain’t say no!   Had to include this one too.  I’m in a terrible fix.


Boxer said...

Yay! You went with a true classic. When I was a kid, these songs seemed long and boring, but as an adult I enjoy them.

Nice to see something that makes you happy and adding Hugh Jackman was a great idea.

TROLL Y2K said...

My sister was in this so I almost wound up being forced to see it. Snuck out with the other hoodlums and hopped freight trains.

Happy MCW!

Do yutes still hop on moving trains as a test of manhood?

moi said...

Wow, Hugh Jackman sung this brilliantly! I got a little goose bumpy and verklempt watching this myself because as you know, Oklahoma is a state near and dear to my and S.B.'s heart.

Wait. Troll has a sister who's in the movies?

Pam said...

Boxie: Because now the songs help carry the story but when you are a kid, they don't. I love that you created a new meme for everyone with movie clip Wednesday!

Trolly: Yes, I think yutes still hop freight trains, seems like I heard about a kid losing a leg recently. So you might want to quit.

Moi: I think he means that his sister was in a version of the play. And I think the film was actually made in NM since Oklahoma had already filled up many of their wide open spaces. I will check that! *sigh* re Hugh Jackman.... a fantastic Curly.

Milk River Madman said...

Oklahoma? Really? You? Whoda thunk? I love this movie! Ran the spotlight for it as well as Music Man. Ducks and chicks and geese better scurry!! People forget that Shirley Jones was a superstar in her time. She was absolutely stunning. Happy MCW Pam!

K9 said...

didnt billy cyrstal sing surrey with the fringe on top in when harry met sally? i loved it.

Jackman was great! when was this movie?

great, and the only choice for you. grherha

boneman said...

Holy Moly!
We got to pick and choose!
I've seen this as a high school show twice since moving in with the piano player for two high schools, second only to "Pirates of Penzance" and "Thoroughly Modern Millie"

Great pix! (I like the surry the best and went right straight into it)

Pam said...

Milky: She was stunning, wasn't she? And sooooo young here. She is in the Music Man too, I believe. Didn't know you ran spotlights, my brother did that at our school.

Barky K9: I think you are right about Billy Crystal ... may have to re-watch to verify! Hugh Jackman clip is actually from a London stage show. He be my favorite Curly.

Boney: You live with a piano player for high school musicals? Have you guys been watching Glee????

Karl said...

Good afternoon Pam,

I can remember being at family get togethers, someone start singing Oklahoma everything would stop and everyone would join in. I guess you had to live there to understand. Great picks!

Buzz Kill said...

Yeah, who would have guessed you would have picked this PAMOKC? I had no idea:
1) There was a remake
2) Hugh Jackman could sing
3) Troll could jump in to a train

My favorite is Surrey with the Fringe on Top. Maybe because of Billy Crystals version.

Happy MCW!

Anonymous said...

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Pam said...

Karl: I totally get it. However, I have heard from a reliable source that he as in Australia once and everyone there knew the songs also.

Buzzy: THe remake isn't a movie movie, just a made-for-tv version of the London stage show. Hugh Jackman can sing for me anytime. And the talents of the Troll are probably way beyond our comprehension.