Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Movie Clip Wednesday -- Villains

movie clip pic

Was going a different way than this originally, but decided that this one movie – Con Air – just had too many baddies to ignore.  So a couple of favorite scenes with some fave bad guys (and short clips too)!  Enjoy:

Garland Greene versus Little Tea Party Girl in Empty Swimming Pool:


And Cyrus the Virus, "Don’t make a move or the Bunny gets it”

This movie is quoted often at our house; I had an old boss who quoted it in legal briefs.

Put the bunny back in the box.

On any other day, that might seem strange.

What’s wrong with him? On first impression, I’d say a lot.



Kymical Reactions said...

ooooh! good choice. This is a most excellence movie. I do wish you could have found clips for your first choice. I agree whole heartedly about your first idea.

Happy MCW! xo.

Boxer said...

I had trouble finding the best clip for my idea. Boo.

THIS IS GREAT. I love how your family quotes lines from movies, even creepy movies. And, clearly this ia bad guy on a serious level. I also like that Kym approved, that never hurts. Thanks for showing this clip. It's exactly why I love this game.

I think I'm going to be saying "don't make a move......" a lot. bwahahahahahhahaha.

boneman said...

I think putting the bunny back in the box would have been a smart move....

But truthfully, when that Corvette FLEW up and away, I laughed and laughed and...well. I'm STILL laughing!

Truly, Malkovich can play one evil dude.

Milk River Madman said...

The way that life is going, I think I'll adopt "On any other day that might seem strange" as my mantra. Remember when Malkovich was skinny? Happy MCW.

Anonymous said...

malkevich as the dude in dangerous liasons was pretty bad too. interesting choice. the scene with the girl in the pool is a modern riff on the frankenstien and girl with flower scene.


TROLL Y2K said...

Very nice choice(s). Kind of liked that movie and both Buschemi (sp?) and Malkovich (sp?) are good at times. Malko in "The Line of Fire". Busch on "The Sopranos".

happy MCW!

savannah said...

i am so loving MCW! great choice, sugar! xoxo

Karl said...

Good evening Pam,

I haven't seen this movie and I'm sure if likely pretty dark, yet I have to say, the line about the bunny made me laugh out loud.

Happy Clip Day!

moi said...

Con Air! When S.B. and I first signed on to Dish Television, this ran 24/7 on the only movie channel we'd purchased at the time. As a result, I can practically quote it verbatim, beginning to end :o) And what about that CORVETTE!?!

Buzz Kill said...

Malkovich as Cyrus The Virus is pretty scary. Oddly enough, I didn't find the swimming pool scene as creepy as most people did. I saw Garland Greene as a man seeking redemption rather than child killing. Too deep?

Happy MCW!

Pam said...

Kymmie: Clips can prove to be a problem.

Boxie: It's a great line, and works in all situations.

Boney: I almost (ALMOST) posted the "Put the Bunny Back In the Box" clip, but it had the wrong villain.

Milky: It's a great mantra. Adopt away buddy.

Anonymous K9: I never thought of it as the Frankenstein/flower girl scene, but you are right, of course!

Trolly: Buscemi is a hit with me in whatever he does. But he looks like his teeth hurt.

Savannah: Thanks! It is a fun meme, I hoe it continues!

Karl: Get out from under your rock and watch this movie, don't know how you have missed it all this time. It is on weekly. Fun and action-packed.

Moi: The poor 'vette. Sigh! But what a great scene. And that Irish guy who plays the owner turns up in EVERYTHING.

Buzzy: I saw Garland Greene the same way as you. Crazy smart enough to recognize the honesty of the child; man, we're deep eh?