Friday, February 19, 2010

My office space haiku

Here's my office and/or design challenge. This is how the room came -- am sure it was meant to be a manly office. But it is mine so it needs to be girlified a bit. Brown walls. Brown ceiling. Brown built-ins. Brown plaid carpet. This room is way too dark. I've lived with it for a year and have decided to paint. Probably something goldy so as to be between the brown and beige of the rest of the house. I was leaning toward a cool light green color (koi pond, Sherwin Williams) but that got nixed by the other half.
And obviously shelves need re-vamped as well. Kymmie has been making me purge all old left-over silk ivy so those will be going. Camera gear hanging out everywhere. Welcome to my Spring project. Am taking all suggestions for consideration. Beatles poster stays.

Brown walls; brown ceiling
Dark brown cabinets and I'm
blogging from a cave.

Must girly up my
office space with light airy
color that's not brown.

Wishing design help
from Fishy and K9 were
forthcoming to me!


Karl said...

Good morning Pam,

Wow, that's a dark room. I would lighten the walls and carpet, then see how it looked. Before doing anything with the shelving or the molding, they have a lot of character. If it's still dark, then take them on.

Boxer said...

I was thinking the same thing, you need to get Fishy back from her trip to help with this. I love that you've posted this and look forward to future updates. I have a room I'm going to change soon and I thought of asking for online (fishY!) help.

Kym is right about the silk ivy and are you going to replace the carpet? If not, then that will have to be incorporated into the design.

How big is the room? Are you married to the furniture? It seems really big, but if the room is big then I'm sure it's workable.

Fun! Fun! I'm no good with cooking and or clothes, but oh jeez do I love room deocorating and color. I joke that I have my "Phd from HGTV University".

Pam said...

Karl! Thanks for the input. My plan is to leave the ceiling and molding and built-ins alone. Just lighten the wall color to make the built-ins pop more. Also thinking of leaving the brown which is in a window alcove area.

BoxieBabe! I have probably been watching too much HGTV lately too! The carpet stays -- it is brand new and no wear/tear, so no point changing it. I'm just pushing for a real color and not a beige. But husband isn't biting at a contrasting color (yet). The furniture are built-ins -- bookshelves and desk area, which I love. They aren't too big for the room but are lost among all the brown. Let me know any more ideas!

TROLL Y2K said...

I like glass office furniture. Kymmie is old enough to be trusted not to break it. And the cats aren't heavy enough to do so.

Think that alone would give it a more modern open look.

Doom said...

Oh, I love that. As is. Of course, it fits my sex. As for girlafying, I had some ideas that might lend without detracting. Rather than silk ivy, how about an ivy pattern painted as a boarder near the top of the walls. A floral painting or two might work as well, something small(er), with a heavy wood frame (ornate and dark if you want it to fit otherwise)... painting(s) with very bright colors, but a real painting not a fuzzy-wuzzy modern... thing. And a few bright (but tasteful) nicnacs? Nicnacs with a decidedly more feminine nature by color or theme (but also reals, or maybe perhaps what I call "primitive art" (like blocky carvings), but like of cats (or other more feminine things) in pinks, mauves, and other feminine colors). There is not a lot of space and if you aren't doing a huge makeover, it's the little things. Well, that is how I see it.

What do I know though, I love that room! Good luck figuring, hunting, and shopping:)

Pam said...

Troll: Well, since Kymmie doesn't live here any mo', she doesn't get that much of a say-so. And the glass furniture is out. Only thing I can change is wall color. :(

Doom: This room would fit your style I'm sure! But I think I am on your wave-length on how to do the shelves. Sorta.

Kymical Reactions said...

gerherhahahaha. Trolly, I think the problem with glass office furniture is fingerprints. and paw prints. Too much Windex makes me sneeze.

boneman said...

Late entry...
Ma had a couple of dark oak pieces. She striped and antique painted them a cool green.
But, more important than that...she took out all the shelves, drew lines around each of them and had glass sheves made.
Half inch if I remember. The effect was that a single light at top aimed down flooded the entire compartment.
I noticed the shelves above you computer station are about the same.
Srange that you don't actually say this, but, if you know anything about me it's this..I walk on alligators most of the time.
The walls aren't dark, are they?
It's the ceiling that is giving you that effect.
pretend that the letters are your value chart, the "A" is the color of the walls and the "H" is white...and the colors change gradually.
Try an "E" or "F" color
Depending on your money, one of those toy display guillotines right around crotch level, and the next time other half suggests against your ideas, suggest a demonstration...

Pam said...

Boney: Yes, the walls ARE dark. The same dark brown as the ceiling. I'm thinking about leaving the ceiling dark. That doesn't bother me. It is that no other light is reflected in the room. Dark City.