Monday, March 29, 2010

Banned from the house for a while

Sterling Jenson Stewart III

All names of the crazy and wild-man cat that is our Sterling. He has been banned from the house for the time being. He can't be trusted. He's a menace to society (our society) and a disrupter of the peace. Separation from the other cats during evening hours has only resulted in territory marking during daytime hours. Re-homing might be the next step. Have located a place wanting barn cats. Would he be happy chasing mice all day? Perhaps he would. Maybe it is just time for a young man to move on in life.

He either needs a girlfriend or a fast car. Or a boxing ring. Yeah, that's it. Where are the professional cat boxers? Bruiser needs to go on the circuit.

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TROLL Y2K said...

MFA fighter.

Mixed Feline Arts.

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Pam ya know it would be very tough on him to go from your home to life in a barn. Can't you find an actual home or I'd take him to a shelter first I think.

After all he's used to having food and shelter on tap, despite appearances, he might not survive such a drastic change.

K9 said...

dont give up! cant you shake him by the neck or something...retrain him? he is the loveliest of cats.

moi said...

That face says, "Don't give a damn 'bout my bad reputation."

But it's very, very cute nonetheless.

Is he fixed? If so and he's still markin' and startin' stuff? Hmmmm . . . call in a cat behaviorist?

Boxer said...

he needs a home where he is the only cat. He's a one cat home.

He's lucky you're willing to be patient and good luck!

Kymical Reactions said...

sadface. he's a sweet cat, really. Boxie's right. No barn, but a single cat family.