Thursday, March 11, 2010

Here's something you don't see every day ---

The OHP bomb squad outside the main entrance to the work building. And we all entered the building anyway ...... Hmmmmmmm.
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Brit Gal Sarah said...

Y'all are nuts!

fishy said...

Did you at least inquire WHY the bomb squad was present BEFORE entering?

Boxer said...

duck and cover.

K9 said...

is the IRS in that building? grherha

Pam said...

Sarah: Yep.

Fishy: No, there was no one to ask; nobody was with the truck.

Boxie: Good advice.

K9 Barky: You know, when the Murrah building was bombed, people thought it was the IRS building that was hit. But the floor of the building we heard was being investigated -- well it holds some of the financial aspects ... hmmmm.