Friday, March 26, 2010

Peeps – Most Creative Use

I saw that the Dim Sum Sunday challenge is “Peeps”, to which I say cheers!  I always have to eat a package or two each Easter-time …. make myself sick and then swear off them forever … or until next Easter, whichever comes first.

And since I don’t cook and don’t do Dim Sum Sunday challenges … I thought I’d post some wonderful photos from an internet acquaintance and call it “The Most Creative Use of Peeps I Have Ever Seen.” 

I first started following a girl who calls herself “Lipgloss Crisis” when I started at the Eyefetch photo site.  She blows me away with her creativity and style.

lipgloss5 lipgloss7

Lollipops always feature prominently with her.

lipgloss8 lipgloss9  lipgloss9x


I saw these above on her Facebook page recently and asked permission to feature them here.  What this girl does with a camera is just pure inspiration to the likes of me … and I have yet to figure out how she achieves some of the things she does.  Don’t know how she edits or where she gets her ideas, but I wish I had a passel of willing models – I’d be trying to copy if I could.


I think I am going to try to copy this style below when I take some pics for My Friend Jamie’s daughter Paige, when we attempt some senior shots in the next couple of weeks.

lipgloss1 lipgloss2


Photo above a wonderful example of the concept of “denial” where you don’t have to see ALL of a subject to identify the subject. 


Drag Queens in the kitchen?  Why not?  Or kitty on the sofa?


But my all-time fave photo from Lipgloss Crisis is this one.  I ADORE this.   Am glad I found her recently on Facebook because I was missing her on EF. 



Buzz Kill said...

I thought DSS had to do with eating food - on Sunday. This begs the question, "What the hell is going on in Oklahoma?" I guess I should talk to the Mrs and rethink my entry.

Pam said...

Buzzy, Lipgloss isn't here in my area of the world. She's much too cool for that. I think she works out of Connecticut maybe? Anyway, I know her a little less than I know all you blog friends ... internet acquaintance from a photo site.

K9 said...

i like the pink bunny dress and her makeup styling a lot. are you going to make an outfit for dss or are you submitting lipgloss as your proxy?

TROLL Y2K said...

Peeps are the topic of DSS? Hell, even Heff couldn't pick something worse than that.

Big Shamu said...

This totally rocks for Peeps Dim Sum Sunday, thanks for joining in. Maybe Project Runway will do a Peeps Challenge soon.

Poor Troll, no imagination.

Boxer said...

Peepers!! And I thought I had to actually MAKE something. These are the ones you were hoping to show? THANKS!!! I need until next weekend for my Peeps DSS. I had too much company this weekend and I was actually required to FEED people.

makingspacethejourneyout said...

Hi, I'm new here, just found you through The Karmic Kitchen, linked from the DSS. Love love love these photos, thanks for sharing!