Friday, March 05, 2010

A Sister Carole Update; Turning 95; and Thyroid Cancer Survivors

It has been a long while since I put up a post about Sister Carole.

As some will remember, it was a year ago that my sis went in for an operation on her colon; and how that operation didn't heal up; things went toxic; lots of time was spent in ICU; ventilators; traecheotomies; nephew home from war zone; diprovan and medically induced comas; etc.

Well, look at the pic above. There she is. Sitting and smiling and living life as a normal human being again. A little worse for wear, but all patched up and put back together. Back to working full time (only just) for a wonderful local utility company that had enough offers from employees to donate sick days, so that she never lost a dime from her benefits running out.

She never did win the battle with the psycho homebuilder guy, and neither did I.  Not many battles that I just give up on, but this one just had to be let go.  Hopefully this buttwipe will remember that what goes around, comes around, and his day is coming. 

We were at a party celebrating the 95th birthday of one of our great-aunties.

As you can see, this long-time Normanite is called "Coach" around the family -- I'm sure she'd be on the OU payroll if only they knew about her.  Is this just the sweetest little lady EVER?  She is the original cougar too .... married a man about ten years younger than herself back when she was only in her early 70's. 

Also had the opportunity to get a Facebook pic for Cousin Juicy Fruit.  She is the OTHER one in the family who had what I had -- thyroid cancer.   But she had it at an earlier age (her 20's), while mine was late 40's; and she is several years OLDER than me now ... so I guess I'll still be kicking when I'm in my 60's, thanks to the wonders of medical science, eh?

Here's cousin Jimmy (who hasn't been called Jimmy since childhood except by family members who are always allowed to call you by your nicknames) ...  He's a new grandpa for the fourth time. 

Strong spirits in all these folks.  Am proud they are my family.

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carmar76 said...

You have some great family there, Pam! PTL for healing graces, too!

Boxer said...

It's nice to see a positive update on your sister. :-)! My Dad got good news today regarding his treatment and it was lovely to see this post. Your Aunt looks younger than 95. Wow.

Limey said...

Fantastic to see your sister doing so well!

Milk River Madman said...

Thanks for the sister update. How awesome of her fellow employees to donate their sick time and for the company to allow it. That's a story I'd watch on the news. Orignal cougar is too funny!