Friday, March 12, 2010

Today at the office… Hollywood!

Sometimes cool things happen where I work.  Today was one of those days.  But I blew my chance to be an “extra” in a movie …. well, I didn’t really go for it, but could have if I wanted to stay in the building until all hours of the night.  Which I didn’t. 

So anyway, filming was being done for a movie about Brooks Douglass, a former legislator with a personal tragedy in his past.  When he was a teenager, drifters broke into his home one night and killed his parents and shot both he and his sister.  I remember when the incident happened – it was one of the first really grisly things to happen in this part of the world.  Or one of the first that I remember hearing about.

The movie is ultimately about forgiveness.

And hopefully I will be forgiven for sneaking this little video of a scene being shot.  I’m told the actor here has been in other movies (but can’t remember now).  Will post again if I can nail down that info.

Scenes were going to be shot tonight in and around the building, with lots of work-mates signing on to be “extras”.  Can’t wait to hear what happened.

UPDATE:  Okay I am already regretting not sticking it out last night just to watch the shooting.  Some folks from work are already posting about it on Facebook, and I’m jealous that I wasn’t there in the big middle of things.  Is it a sign of getting old that you’d rather be comfortable and rested than tired from sitting around waiting forever on awful chairs?

Anyway, the actor is Mike Vogel, who also appears in the new movie “She’s Out of Your League” and a few others, including “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”.

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