Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Dozer: A Love Story

We were house cleaning last Saturday to get ready for the big Easter gathering at our place.  I heard Sally meowing at the front door (strange, she always meows at the back door), so I went to let her in.  And that’s when I heard it … the sound of a tractor on the lot next door.  No wonder the kitty got spooked and went around to the front!
Here’s the view through the blinds.  And speaking of views, we won’t have one any more, we will be looking at a new house.  I suppose there are worse things to see out the back window.  With more to come to fill in the rest of those empty lots.
We’ve had an unobstructed view for a year and knew it would come to an end one day.  HOWEVER, right where that tractor is?  Yep, that is where the Rat Patrol does their best hunting.  I see potential problems in our future.
But when tractor guy went home for the evening?  We all had to go check it out.
Sterling inspects the blade.
Lewis tries to figure out how to start the engine and drive it off.  I swear, he is a reincarnated construction worker or auto mechanic.  He loves all that guy stuff.
Inspecting the tread of the tractor.
Lewis & Sally roll in the fresh clay turned up … it used to be their field.
Weenie aka Sterling still hasn’t made it on to the tractor yet, these things take time.  You can’t rush him.
"Uh, which way do I go?  Which way do I go?"

Still considering….
Lewis, meanwhile, knows that you must be in the cab to drive off.  Just how you start the thing is the mystery.

A couple of days later, the tractor was still there.  We left the cats out while we went up to the local pub for a quick bite.  Came back home to catch Lewis on TOP of the dozer.  Surveying the kingdom.  And he never came home that night.  We think he slept on top of the tractor.  The workers have finished the dozing now though, and tractor has gone elsewhere. 
I think it is going to be a long summer.


carmar76 said...

And it was a John Deere dozer! Woot!

Those pictures of the kitties exploring are way cute! Thanks for sharing them!! : )

moi said...

Aw, hon, I'm sorry. I been there, done that. We all want our own space and no one else around, but it doesn't last long. Then again, you let Sterling do his thing long enough, maybe he'll intimidate the builders into leaving the lot alone.

chickory said...

you really dont see tractors and cats together that often. i pray your future next door neighbors are not into leaf blowers and screaming kids. i would be so freaking depressed if my forest got bulldozed. grah!