Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Pics

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Easter was at our house this year.  I took the opportunity to get Sister Carole’s grandkids out and take photos.  Been itching for good weather and photo ops and luckily had 3 willing models.  Kymmie found us a great little “location” which I think turned into a really cute shoot.

Hope everyone had a happy happy Easter.

Back to work tomorrow.  Oh and by the way, yes the furloughs are coming.  So looking for my own budget cuts.  Has anyone used Magic Jack telephone service or Vonage?  Looking for reviews and opinions.


Buzz Kill said...

Cute kids - sitting in a sewer pipe. I know it's probably a storm sewer but it's still a sewer pipe. And you took advice from someone who wears a NKOTB T-shirt? I would have hidden Easter eggs in there. Bwahahaha

chickory said...

cute! and its not a holiday with out kids is it? i mean what did V and i do? cooked some wings. ho hum. no egg hunts, no jelly beans.. *sniff* i gotta go now....grherhahahaha

glad you had a good easter...really sorry about the furlough, BUT you now have time to do your creative. so, rejoice!

Aunty Belle said...

oooh! y'all have adorable Easter chicks!!

Sweet bunnies--luck great Auntie Pam!

Boxer said...

I went boxing on Easter, is that bad? Then it was home to eat the leftovers of my Peeps display.

I think Chickory had a better day. ahahahahahah.

Super cute kids and I love the setting.